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UAV Forensics Analysis
By: Navid Kagalwalla
August 11, 2020

Digital Forensics’ Latest Challenge: UAVs Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs), also referred to as drones, are aircraft piloted by remote control or on-board computer designed for use in several environments such as security, disaster response, construction monitoring, agricultural mapping, and even recreation. According to a Gartner forecast [1], drones' production and shipment for personal and commercial use is growing rapidly with ...

What is a Side Channel Attack?
By: Adhirath Kapoor
August 7, 2020

To the eyes of the uninstructed, the term cryptography seems like an entity involving numerical calculations and common algorithms like DES, RSA, and the others. Initially, the cryptographic algorithms appear to be implemented inside a black box, but in reality, the black box plays a very important role. With most algorithms becoming more secure and almost impossible to break, malicious ...

Top Microsoft Cloud Certifications To Advance Your Cybersecurity Career
By: Charles Owen-Jackson
August 7, 2020

Whether you're a newcomer to the cloud or looking to level up your skills and advance your career, obtaining the right certifications can make all the difference. They open the door to lucrative new opportunities, with certified professionals often reaching six-figure salaries. A great way to prove your expertise is to follow one of the new role-based Azure Certification Paths ...

Protecting the Active Directory - The Keys to the Kingdom
By: Navid Kagalwalla
August 7, 2020

Active Directory is a Microsoft technology developed as a directory service for Windows domain networks. It forms one of the most critical aspects of an organization's infrastructure. It is used to manage computers and other devices by logically dividing user accounts into groups and subgroups based on the level of access control required. Active Directory provides authentication, authorization, and configuration ...

White Box vs Black Box Penetration Testing
By: Harguilar Nhanga
August 6, 2020

In recent years, information is being exchanged at an unprecedented rate, and companies are always looking for a way to safeguard their digital data. They are often looking for ways to understand whether or not their systems are secure enough to withstand an attack. To find potential security holes (vulnerabilities) and determine the likelihood of potential compromise, they perform ...

Exploit Vulnerabilities Trends in 2020
By: Nievedha Karthikeyan
August 6, 2020

An exploit is a software or code sequence that takes advantage of an error or a vulnerability, typically for malicious purposes. The exploit provides a backdoor access to the network or computer through the installation of malware. An exploit, when identified, can be fixed with patches. Exploits that do not have existing patches are known as zero-day exploits. Exploits are usually ...

"Intermediate PC Security" Course Summary
By: Hiroshi Keing
August 5, 2020

What is PC security in a nutshell? PC security applies protection layers to an endpoint computer's underlying components within a corporate environment to protect and defend one of the largest attack surfaces in a company. PC security takes considerations from components that essentially do their processing. The basic input and output system (BIOS), which has threats that are ...

Ransomware Evolution and Prevention
By: Javier Olivo García Araque
August 5, 2020

Ransomware - everyone talks today about this threat. Some believe it is a new cyber-delinquency weapon, an APT development, or a simple virus that could access our computer if we visit suspicious sites on the internet or the deep web. But who says ransomware is a virus? Where did it appear the first time? Is it used only by ...

Why Learn Information Technology
By: Joshua Elijah
August 4, 2020

What is Information Technology? Information Technology (IT or InfoTech) has been around for quite a while now! However, as many people use computers in many different forms, some still don’t know the actual meaning of Information Technology and why it is important. As seen on Wikipedia, “Information technology is the use of computers to store, retrieve, transmit, and manipulate data ...

Executive Vulnerability Management - Course Review
By: Apurv Tiwari
August 4, 2020

The vulnerability management domain focuses on how organizations identify, analyze, and manage vulnerabilities in a critical service's operating environment. 1 Understanding how to identify, evaluate, and treat vulnerabilities is instrumental in the success of any organization. A successful vulnerability management program consists of 4 key elements: Vulnerability Assessment - Identifying weaknesses, risks, and exposures. Vulnerability Management tools - ...