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How to Secure Data Across IT Estate
By: Pankaj Kamboj
September 16, 2020

As we all know, the 21st century belongs to data, making, or breaking an organization. Improper use of data or a leak of data can significantly harm an organization. Before you collect and use the data, whether it's your employee data or customer data, make sure you collect only those which is required for your business and at the same ...

Introduction to Deepfake
By: Pierluigi Riti
September 16, 2020

As suggested by the term, deepfake is a form of synthetic media in which an existing video or picture of a person is swapped with someone else's. This has become very easy nowadays. For only a couple of dollars per hour, a GPU can be rented, where it is possible to train the network and build a Deepfake. Deepfakes have ...

PMP Certification
By: Doug Bonderud
September 15, 2020

Management Potential: Unpacking the PMP Certification Project completion rates are on the rise — recent survey data found that in 2018 almost 70 percent of projects met their original goals, and just under 60 percent stayed on budget. As projects grow in size and scope; however, success becomes elusive: IT projects with budgets over $1 million are 50 percent more ...

Blockchain Technology In Information Security
By: Divya Bora
September 15, 2020

WHAT IS BLOCKCHAIN TECHNOLOGY? Simply put, Blockchain is a system of having information recorded in a way that makes it difficult to change, hack, or cheat the system. A blockchain is generally a digital ledger of duplicated transactions and distributed across the entire network of systems on the Blockchain. Each block contains a number of transactions, and every time a ...

Patch and Vulnerability Management
By: Ravi Raj
September 14, 2020

Unpatched vulnerabilities are one of the easiest ways for attackers to enter an environment. According to a new ServiceNow study conducted by the Ponemon Institute, an alarming 57% of cyberattack victims report that their breaches could have been prevented by installing an available patch. And 34% of those respondents were already aware of the vulnerability before they were attacked. The ...

Active Directory Best Practices
By: Miguel Angel Saiz
September 11, 2020

The use of LAN networks and Active Directory (AD) by companies is a common practice today. In a world interconnected by the internet, more and more companies, public centers, and even home users create LAN networks where they interconnect their computer equipment for better access. Active Directory provides a service located on one or more servers, capable of creating objects ...

Artificial Intelligence for Beginners
By: Carlos Almeida
September 11, 2020

People often become intrigued, or maybe even shellshocked, by the prospect of working with artificial intelligence. But where should one begin? This article will focus on defining and breaking down the various pieces that make up the subfields of artificial intelligence and provide insights into what further topics can be pursued in this learning journey. What is AI? Unlike comparing two ...

Information Sharing in Cybersecurity
By: Adnan Khan
September 9, 2020

Cybersecurity offers the protection of data and information systems from outside sources. For us to efficiently combat evolving cyber threats, information sharing is unquestionably a valuable resource. When malicious attackers scoop out innovative methods to exploit vulnerabilities, many organizations are facing becoming victims of the same exploits multiple times. Albeit new cyber threat detection technologies are continually emerging and Darknet ...

How To Safely Access The Dark Web
By: Apurv Singh Gautam
September 9, 2020

There’s a lot of speculation and mystery around the dark web. Often, when the dark web is mentioned, people presume it is mainly about criminal activities and that what goes on, on the dark web, is shady (pun intended). Although there’s some truth to it, the dark web has many excellent and useful things also. To access these useful resources, ...

Assembly Course Spotlight
By: Andreea Alexandra Bancu
September 8, 2020

What is Assembly? Assembly language, often abbreviated asm, is a low-level programming language designed for a specific processor. An assembly language may be produced by compiling source code from a high-level programming language (such as C/C++), or it can be written from scratch. Assembly code is converted to machine code using an assembler 1 . This program translates combinations ...