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Red Team vs. Blue Team
By: Ryan Wilson
September 1, 2020

What is the Red Team? Red teaming can be defined as approaching an environment from an adversarial or attacker perspective, to proactively test security controls in the environment, with the overall objective of increasing an organization’s security posture. Red teaming is a form of ethical hacking and shares some similarities with penetration testing. A red team exercise is also known ...

Where To Learn IoT
By: Michael Cunningham
August 31, 2020

Welcome to my fourth blog dealing with the Internet of Things. It is terrific to see you have shown such an interest in IoT. Well, now, we explore an essential area: Where to learn IoT. Let us break it down into a few things to explore. Online vs. Brick and Mortar. The first question is simple: how much time each ...

Security and Privacy of Drones
By: Navid Kagalwalla
August 28, 2020

A drone, also known as a UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle), is an aircraft piloted by remote control or onboard computers. With the advent of the concept of smart cities, drones are expected to play a huge role in the delivery of products and merchandise, enabling the reduction of greenhouse gases and introducing cutting edge navigation techniques which cut waiting times ...

Why Learn AI
By: Apurv Tiwari
August 26, 2020

To have a meaningful discussion regarding Artificial Intelligence (AI), one must first understand what exactly Artificial Intelligence is. What does it aim to solve? What are its constituents? When was AI invented? What kind of research and development has gone into it? What are the current and projected trends surrounding the technology? Let's try answering all of these questions. AI stands ...

Do You Need Programming for Cybersecurity?
By: Staford Titus S
August 26, 2020

Prelude You are almost about to call it a day when you hear the unusual, but equally recognizable noise made by the Security Analytics Dashboard when a critical alert is triggered. The warning displays that malware has surfaced abruptly on a system in the network, previously considered near-impenetrable. You take measures to isolate the malware within an island network. Upon ...

Enhance your AWS Skills by using Virtual Labs
By: Sudeep Phal
August 25, 2020

Working remotely is now the "new normal." As a result, The cloud market is growing day by day. There is a large spike in cloud adoption, with Amazon Web Services (AWS) being the market leader (at 32.4% of the global market), followed by Microsoft's Azure (at 17.6%), and Google's Cloud Platform (GCP) (at 6%). After the hard impact around the ...

Making the Most of Metasploit
By: Doug Bonderud
August 24, 2020

Built in 2003 by security expert and hacker H.D. Moore, the Metasploit framework makes the job of penetration testers easier by testing potential vulnerabilities using both command-line modification and a graphical user interface (GUI). Thanks to its ease-of-use and open-source nature, Metasploit quickly found a home among black hat hackers who used it not as a testing tool but a threat ...

Live Hack: How Cyber Criminals Target Remote Employee’s Cloud Credentials
By: Thycotic
August 24, 2020

Free public Wi-Fi may sound like a good idea if you’re low on hot spot data or simply don’t have a phone charger, but the short term benefits do not outweigh the long term potential risks. When using public Wi-Fi, you’re trusting someone with some of your organization’s most prized information, your data. While you may not have access to the ...

DNSTwist Fundamentals Course Review
By: Adhirath Kapoor
August 24, 2020

Protecting one’s assets is not easy in today’s world, especially when it is in cyberspace. The asset in focus here is a domain name. Website Owners and IT Managers are continuously monitoring and looking for phishing websites with names eerily close to their domains. Why are they doing so? To protect the brand associated with their domain. Recent reports from ...

Java Programming Jobs
By: Doug Bonderud
August 21, 2020

Hot Ticket: The Java Programming Jobs Outlook Java remains one of the most popular coding languages in the world. As noted by Small Business Trends, more than 80,000 jobs in the U.S. require Java coding skills, and recent survey data from the IEEE puts Java as the second-most popular coding language in the world this year. As a result, Java coding ...