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How Researchers Are Fighting Back Against Ransomware
By: wlowry@dcgla.net
November 22, 2019

For too long, cybercriminals have been raking in billions of dollars from businesses around the globe through the use of crypto-ransomware. This is a specific type of ransomware that uses encryption technology to ‘scramble’ the data of its victims. The victim is then instructed to pay a ransom, by a specific deadline, to have their data decrypted. The threat is ...

How to recover SQL Database Password-Quick Tricks
By: ashishsrivastava98765@gmail.com
November 19, 2019

If you lost SQL database Password and want to know “how to recover SQL database password”? Then this article will provide all the possible ways for recovering the SQL server database user password. Microsoft has created SQL Server Management Studio (SQL Server), which is a Relational Database Management System (RDBMS). It is used to store SQL (Structured Query Language) code ...

Android Vulnerability - NFC exploitation
By: Solene Gabellec
November 16, 2019

This blog is by Knogin blog by author Anthony Carballo. Reposted with permission. It was found in Android OS versions 8.0 & higher that the security warning message to install external apps does not prompt users when an app is transferred via NFC (Near Field Communication). This can give nefarious actor leverage to send and ...

How $15 Million Can Help Close the Security Skills Gap
By: ryan c
November 13, 2019

This blog is by authors: Ryan Corey, Co-Founder and Ralph Sita, Co-Founder, Cybrary The ever-expanding cyber threat landscape and never-ending shortage of cybersecurity skills make for a perfect storm across all industries. What has helped to counter this perfect storm is the subscription economy, where IT and security professionals can take online vocational training on a continual, ...

Should You Outsource Cybersecurity or Keep It In-House
By: faith.mcgregor85@gmail.com
November 11, 2019

The diversity and sophistication of cyberattacks keep growing, posing threats for businesses of all shapes and sizes. Given that, it’s not surprising at all that the global cybersecurity market is expected to reach 300 billion by 2024 1 . To avoid becoming victims of online threats, businesses need to invest in a solid cybersecurity strategy. This leads to two major ...

A Beginner's Guide to Java Samples and SDKs on Azure
By: chenshemtov
November 8, 2019

Azure offers remote access to enterprise-grade Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS), Database as a Service (DBaaS), and Software as a Service (SaaS). Azure’s data centers are spread across 54 regions, and its infrastructure is hybrid-ready, backed by over 90 compliance certifications, and provides a built-in backup 1 module. This article provides a review ...

Mobile security: Why It’s Important and Mistakes to Avoid
By: twinkle.k.1927
November 6, 2019

The world is going mobile, and there is every reason to be mobile.At a time when everything is moving at a break-neck speed, we need to be on our toes, and thanks to mobile devices, we have got everything on our fingertips.The rise in mobile devices is a blessing for us. Still, at the same time, cybercriminals and hackers ...

A Persistent Trojan Downloader for Android OS
By: Solene Gabellec
November 4, 2019

This blog is by Knogin blog. Reposted with permission. A new security threat has emerged, this time for Android OS, making mobile security researchers scratch their heads for the past few months, the malware is called xHelper.The malware has already infected more than 45,000 Android devices in just the last six months and is continuing to ...

Threat Report - FuxSocy Ransomware
By: Solene Gabellec
November 1, 2019

This blog is by Knogin blog. Reposted with permission. Summary  Researchers from MalwareHunterTeam have spotted a new variant of ransomware called FuxSocy; this malware impersonates the known Cerber ransomware. It operates by encrypting the data you have on the computer, changes the file, and its extension to a random one; then, it demands a ransom ...

CyberSecurity Quick Guide for Students
By: Solene Gabellec
October 25, 2019

This blog was originally posted on Knogin blog by author Anna Codina. Reposted with permission. (By the way! If you'd like to keep a hard copy of this guide, you can also download the Ultimate Cybersecurity Quick Guide for Students for ease of use.)   Different Ways You Could be Compromised ...