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Python: Why It Is Better For Cybersecurity in 2020
By: Ajay Kapoor
July 22, 2020

Do you know, hacker attacks occurs every 39 seconds? Yes, you read that right. And according to a recent web development statistic, nearly 64% of companies have experienced web-based attacks to date. Cyber-attacks are now an international concern, as high-profile breaches have given rise to many serious concerns. Without any doubt, programming is an integral part of cybersecurity, especially as you ...

New Course: Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) Fundamentals
By: Pierluigi Riti
July 22, 2020

OSINT, Open-Source Intelligence Technique, is an approach used to collect public information using publicly available data, for this reason, the term “open-source.” OSINT has become a “buzzword,” but the technique has been used for centuries. Collecting information to have an advantage or make decisions is essentially the basis of any human relation. In this article, we have a small ...

"Intermediate Data Security" Course Review
By: Siddharth Bhardwaj
July 21, 2020

If you are new to information security, data security policies adopted by corporate firms can be confusing. You may have already heard a lot about PCI-DSS, HIPAA, etc. but still get your concepts mixed up. Whichever of these is your problem, and Cybrary is always here to help. In this "Intermediate Data Security" course, you will be able to learn ...

Where To Learn Cybersecurity Online?
By: Karim Bakhsh Amiry
July 21, 2020

Many things are getting, or about to get, technological around us. When the matter of technology pops out, one of the most important things that are worth considering is Cybersecurity. Cybersecurity is a vast field, which does not only have fans among IT workers, but most non-IT workers are interested in it as well. There are two significant ways in which ...

DevSecOps: Pipeline Development
By: Philip Kulp
July 20, 2020

Over the coming weeks, Cybrary will be posting a series of blogs that correspond with the newly released course, DevSecOps Fundamentals. This post is the fourth in a series covering core principles to assist in the automation of a secure pipeline. Securing the Development Cycle What Are We Defending? ...

"Intermediate Printing Security" Course Summary
By: Adhirath Kapoor
July 17, 2020

Cybersecurity Engineers all over the world are trying hard to secure critical IT Infrastructures. From computers to networks, Cyber Rangers are on a quest to harden their security. Despite all the attempts, the malicious actors of technology can trespass and are wreaking havoc in cyberspace. Why? Because some of the devices inside the networks are still not secure and are ...

Key Objectives Of The NIST Cybersecurity Framework
By: S.E. Williams
July 17, 2020

Overview In 2013, the U.S. Federal Government, through Executive Order (EO) 13636 Improving Critical Infrastructure in Cybersecurity, directed the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) to develop a cybersecurity framework (CSF) towards the purpose of protecting the nation’s infrastructure. Since then, the EO has been supported by additional legislation all towards the primary goal of developing a tool ...

What Jobs Can You Get with CompTIA Certifications?
By: Matt Choi
July 16, 2020

One of the best ways to advance your IT career is by earning certifications. The industry leader in IT certifications is CompTIA, a non-profit trade association that offers numerous vendor-neutral certifications that will showcase your knowledge and expertise in various areas. Whether you are brand new to IT or you’re an experienced IT professional, CompTIA certifications will be an asset ...

End User Physical Security
By: Adnan Khan
July 16, 2020

At the height of technology advancement and automated technology, it is easy to get complacent about the security aspect. Whether it is the distraction caused by social media or it is in our human nature to be psychologically manipulated by social engineering methods, as an End User, we may end up assuming we have less of a part to play ...

"Intermediate SQL" Course Review
By: Muhammad Bilal
July 15, 2020

SQL – The language of databases SQL stands for “Structured Query Language,” often pronounced as “Sequel,” and it was developed for the sole purpose of interfacing with databases and sharing a vision of well-structured data in the era of technology. This course has been designed to improve your basic understanding of the concepts of well-structured data and the purpose of ...