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10 Tips For Defending Against Password Cracking
By: Shimon Brathwaite
August 5, 2021

Password cracking refers to using various methods to discover computer passwords. In some situations, this may be legal, such as when someone forgets the password to their computer or USB, but many times it's used by computer hackers to get access to accounts or machines that don't belong to them. Since password-based attacks are a lot less complicated than other ...

Hacking a WiFi Network with MAC Filtering Enabled
By: Rana Daniyal Khan
August 5, 2021

In this tutorial, we will learn how to hack into a WiFi network that has MAC filtering enabled. The Media Access Control (MAC) address is a 48-bit unique identifier assigned to all the network interfaces for their identification. Most routers provide a security option called MAC Filtering, also known as MAC Whitelist or Blacklist. This method allows the network administrator ...

Sumo Logic Integrations Are Seamless
By: Owen Dubiel
August 4, 2021

Sumo Logic is one of the world-leading SIEM solutions for innovation and advancement. They specialize in ingesting any data (no matter the industry) and making sense of it due to their various built-in integrations that make data ingestion a breeze. This article will delve into some ways Sumo Logic makes utilizing their platform within any environment convenient and easy. Partnering ...

Starwars In CMD
By: sourajeet
August 4, 2021

“Star Wars” was a movie that was watched and loved by many people. Telnet is a connection method that allows character-based terminals to communicate with a remote server using text-based command-oriented terminal sessions. Here is how we can view a version of “Star Wars,” which is entirely rendered in ASCII characters using the Command Prompt on Windows or Terminal on ...

How To Password Protect A PDF Document
By: Nihad Hassan
August 3, 2021

In today's digital age, most information is created digitally and never finds its way into papers. Organizations of all types and across all industries are utilizing PDF documents in their daily work to store a variety of business-related information (e.g., customer, suppliers, third-party contractors, and tax info, to name only a few). Many global organizations use the PDF standard as ...

What Is Adversarial Machine Learning?
By: Samia Oukemeni
August 3, 2021

Machine learning (ML) has been developed at an amazing speed over the past few years. It has led to transformational fields and introduced new capabilities. Machine learning algorithms have been used in different emerging applications that impact and will impact society in the years to come, such as self-driving cars, speech recognition, data analytics, sentiment analysis, and robotics, to name ...

Ryuk Ransomware Is Continually Changing
By: Gabriel Schram
August 2, 2021

Ryuk is an identified variant of ransomware that started making its impact in 2018. Like most ransomware, this shuts down system processes and encrypts the entirety of its target. In exchange for some bitcoin, users can unlock and regain access to their system and its data. Since its discovery, Ryuk has caused millions in damages from big game hunting. *Big ...

By: Elviraluke Napwora
August 2, 2021

The rise of endpoint devices in the corporate environment has increased organizations' security risks as each device is a potential attack surface. To counter some of these challenges, an organization must implement an endpoint security strategy with the necessary tools, such as EDR. Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) solutions provide an integrated view of the security of endpoint nodes through continuous ...

Sources, Motives and Targets of APT
By: Divya Bora
July 30, 2021

WHAT IS ADVANCED PERSISTENT THREAT (APT)? An advanced persistent threat is a prolonged and targeted cyberattack in which an intruder, or a group of intruders, establishes their illicit presence on a network to infiltrate and/or exfiltrate as much valuable data as possible without being discovered. WORKING OF APT An APT's life cycle is much longer and more complex than any other ...

How To Crack WPA/WPA2 Wi-Fi Passwords Using Aircrack-ng
By: Tejareddy
July 30, 2021

Aircrack-ng is a set of tools in Kali Linux that can be used to assess Wi-Fi network security. It is capable of monitoring (capturing packets), attacking, and cracking Wi-Fi networks. In this post, Aircrack-ng will be used to crack a password-protected WPA/WPA2 Wi-Fi network. Attack Prerequisites Kali Linux can be A) installed or B) used in the Live version through a ...