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10 Important Project Management Skills
By: Nihad Hassan
October 27, 2020

For cybersecurity projects to be successful, IT and security professionals should implement strict project management practices. Having project management skills is essential for the project management team to accomplish their responsibilities. For instance, such skills enable them to have their projects run smoothly, stay within budget, and delivered within the agreed timeframe. Following solid project management practices gives numerous benefits ...

How to Use Kali Linux Tools on Windows 10
By: Karim Bakhsh Amiry
October 27, 2020

Linux is an open-source operating system that is widely used in enterprises these days. It has many distributions such as Mint, Ubuntu, Kali. One of the most popular distributions of Linux OS is called Kali, which is widely used among penetration testers. Kali Linux has tons of free, open-source built-in tools that are awesome and used for penetration testing. These ...

What Are The Best Cybersecurity Certifications
By: Shelby Welty
October 23, 2020

What are the Best Cybersecurity Certifications? Cybersecurity is a hot topic. Increasing attack pressure combined with a growing skills gap puts many companies in a difficult position as they look to find best-fit candidates with the right set of hard and soft skills — and the talent and drive to solve infosec problems combined with recognizable, reputable cybersecurity certifications. But which ...

An Introduction to Azure Arc
By: Matt Choi
October 23, 2020

What Azure Arc means for enterprises with distributed computing environments The rapid evolution of cloud technologies has left many enterprises struggling to keep up. The need to constantly reskill staff and get them up to speed with new systems and processes is perhaps one of the biggest challenges today’s business leaders face. And things aren’t getting any easier. While the benefits ...

How To Know If You've Been Hacked And What To Do About It
By: Sunny Verma
October 22, 2020

Cyberspace is a dangerous place. Behind all those ‘helpful’ websites which promise to provide the users with ‘free’ stuff, there are internet-predators who are either after an unsuspecting target’s PII (Personally Identifiable Information) or after the computer resources they possess. Security experts agree that the random link an unsuspecting person got from a stranger on an internet forum will provide ...

The Best Certifications for CyberSecurity Jobs
By: Garrett Wilson
October 21, 2020

Breaking it Down: The Best Certifications for Cybersecurity Jobs You’re looking for a cybersecurity job. You’re in luck — information security professionals are now in high demand as companies move to shore up existing security controls, build better infrastructure, and develop policies and procedures that help future-proof key systems against attack. To help meet their cybersecurity goals, organizations are seeking the ...

New Course "COBIT Foundations" Summary
By: Adhirath Kapoor
October 21, 2020

Information Technology is essential to every industry that exists in today's era. In itself, IT is a vast domain that needs to be incorporated with the associated industry in a very diligent manner. An important term that comes into play after successful incorporation is "IT Governance." It makes sure that the IT Departments are ready for any challenges thrown ...

"Cyber Network Security" Course Overview
By: Luis Carrillo
October 20, 2020

Data could be considered the most valuable asset both in our personal lives and in business. For this reason, data is highly susceptible to security attacks. The more data you store online, the more you and your business are at risk – almost no one is safe from cybersecurity threats. A hacker attack occurs every 39 seconds, affecting one in three ...

Is IoT Easy to Learn?
By: Michael Cunningham
October 20, 2020

The short, concise, and straightforward answer is "Yes" if one starts with the basics and builds a solid foundation. You are not trying to make a rocket to go to the moon. Now let us get into the fuller story. One of the first considerations is the extent of one's knowledge base. Are you a hobbyist radio repair tech? What ...

Cybersecurity Of The Internet Of Drones
By: Muhammad Bilal
October 19, 2020

There is a modern trend edging towards development in Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs). UAVs have supported various opportunities and opened paths at an effective cost in the development of technology. UAVs can be considered one of the best solutions in many surveillance areas, such as research, medical, agricultural, and transportation, due to the capability of dynamic reconfigurability, fast response, and ...