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Top 15 Cyber Security Certifications for 2020
By: Suketh Evani
December 28, 2020

Many cyberattacks occur every day, and these incidents cause millions of losses and create a dire need for companies to enhance their security measures. The increased cyberattacks create a massive demand for certified cybersecurity professionals. This article will highlight the top 15 cybersecurity certifications for 2020 that can help individuals reach the expectations organizations are looking to build and develop ...

How To Recover Corrupted Data From Pen Drives
By: lauramathews
December 28, 2020

Whenever there is corrupted data on your pen drive, there is no need to worry about it. This article will teach you three ways to recover your corrupted data on USB sticks; stay tuned, and start learning! Users Query A user has stored all his important MS documents files on his pen drive. Yesterday, his boss asked him about one of ...

Pros and Cons of USB Flash Drives
By: Jessica
December 28, 2020

Early data storage being bulky and cumbersome led to the development of smaller and more convenient means of storing data. Also known as thumb drives, USBs, or memory sticks, USB flash drives became widely available in the early 2000s. USB stands for Universal Serial Bus, indicating that a connection is being made from an electronic device to a computer. Flash ...

Command Line Interface (CLI) vs. Graphical User Interface (GUI)
By: mrNayaNi
December 28, 2020

Graphical User Interface (GUI) and Command Line Interface (CLI) are the two means of interaction between a user and an electronic device. A GUI is a graphical representation in which the users can interact with software or devices through clickable icons. A CLI is a console or text-based representation in which the user types commands into a terminal to operate ...

How to Recover Deleted files from NTFS and FAT Hard Drive Partition?
By: mackjohn
December 28, 2020

When talking about computer storage, the talk turns to hard drives. A hard drive is a primary component in a computer; it is the hardware piece responsible for storing user’s data on all computing devices. Without it, a user cannot load the operating system, save files downloaded from the internet, or save any files created using other computer programs. ...

Kali Linux Command Lines Part 2 – Working with Directories
By: bjacharya
December 28, 2020

This article gives a brief overview of the most common commands for working with files and directories under the Linux system. The Linux edition used during this tutorial is Kali Linux. However, any Linux distribution can be used to practice the exercises presented in this post. Working with files and directories is an essential skill that any Linux or computer ...

Level 1 SOC Analyst - Unpacking the Interview
By: Garrett Wilson
December 24, 2020

Unpacking the Interview: Level 1 SOC Analyst Many companies have moved away from reactive, break/fix infosec frameworks to create security operations centers (SOCs) to combat increasingly adaptive threats and evolving attack vectors. These centralized cybersecurity efforts allow businesses to capture and correlate data across their organization — including network traffic volumes, application resource requests, and specific device behaviors — to ...

Types Of Cloud Certifications
By: Garrett Wilson
December 22, 2020

Up, Up and Away! Exploring Three Types of Cloud Certifications More companies are using the cloud — as noted by CIO, 96 percent of organizations now use some type of public, private, or hybrid cloud service to help streamline operations and boost IT impact. As a result, the cloud market is diversifying, with frontrunner Amazon now challenged by up-and-coming ...

An Unforgettable Trick to Remember the OSI Model 7 Layers
By: blahmed
December 22, 2020

The Open Systems Interconnection (OSI) Model is a conceptual model for describing a networking system's functions. It was initially developed by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) in 1984. The OSI does not relate directly to any networking system; instead, it describes network architecture and allows different computer systems from various vendors to communicate and exchange data using standard protocols. ...

Unpacking the Interview: Penetration Tester
By: Garrett Wilson
December 21, 2020

Unpacking the Interview: Penetration Tester More than sixty percent of web applications are vulnerable to high- or critical-risk vulnerabilities outside the OWASP top 10 list. For companies, this creates a serious cybersecurity gap. If apps and services contain undetected weaknesses that hackers could exploit to compromise IT environments at scale-enterprises could find themselves dealing with massive data exfiltration or complete ...