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Social Engineering Overview | Mind Attacks
By: fr4nc1stein
July 3, 2015

Social Engineering Overview | Mind Attacks What is social engineering ? According to Wiki: "In the context of information security, refers to psychological manipulation of people into performing actions or divulging confidential information. A type of confidence trick for the purpose of information gathering, fraud, or system access, it differs from ...

XPath Injection (Part 1)
By: Multi Thinker
July 1, 2015

XPath is used to create queries which allow users to manipulate data inside a XML document. In this tutorial, we'll start with the basics of XPath queries to understand them better. Later on, we'll move onto the injecting part. Below is a little introduction to XPath from the w3school to understand the terminology used in XPath ...

Security+ Certification Success by Cybrary Member @aer9480
By: ryan c
June 29, 2015

Below is an email we received from Cybrary Member @aer9480. He wrote to tell us about the success he had in passing the exam after taking our Security+ Course .If you have a similar success story, we'd love to share it. Send an email telling us about it: support@cybrary.it Here's @aer9480's email:Hey everyone. My name is Alan Raff. I am ...

A Social Engineering and Manipulation Teaser
By: Ξ B ☢ B Ξ
June 29, 2015

“Humans are, and always will be, the weakest security link.”   It's amazing how many companies I've worked with during Pen-testing/Ethical Hack engagements that have either foregone the social engineering aspect of the hack or limited the social engineering test to a single instance in a single category. And, it really gets me when ...

9 Surprisingly Prevalent Social Engineering Techniques
June 26, 2015

This article will illustrate 9 surprisingly prevalent techniques used by attackers to carry out social engineering offenses.   Human-Based and Computer-Based Social Engineering   1. Impersonation: “An impersonation attack is an attack in which an adversary successfully assumes the identity of one of the legitimate parties in a system or in a communications protocol” (Encyclopaedia ...

A Method for Bypassing Keystroke Recognition Based Security System Using Social Engineering
By: xc0de
June 25, 2015

A Method for Bypassing Keystroke Recognition Based Security Systems Using Social Engineering Abstract: In this paper, we aim to use the power of Social Engineering to bypass a Keystroke Recognition based authentication system. We have designed a virtual chat system (basically a chat bot), coded in Python , which performs the ...

Reset Windows Passwords with Kali Linux
By: fr4nc1stein
June 24, 2015

Reset Your Windows Password Using Kali Linux Hello Cybrary members.Here I am again to talk about Passwords for Windows 7 or any version of Windows. Sometimes, we forget our password, or we want to reset the Windows password for a friend, officemate or anyone's laptop in legal way.  Today, I'm am going to teach ...

Why Isn't That Course Live Yet?!
By: klowe
June 23, 2015

We get it. We truly do. We're JUST as excited about our new classes as you. We understand the anticipation, the anxiousness and the frustration. You joined Cybrary just fo r Malware Analysis . You refresh the Metasploit course page daily.  We get it, because we created ...

Tutorial: Using SSLSTRIP in a "Man in the Middle" Attack
By: fr4nc1stein
June 23, 2015

SSLSTRIP in a Man in the Middle Attack  Hello guys,In this tutorial, I'm going to teach you how to use a SSLSTRIP via the Kali OS.We'll use SSLSTRIP for sniff or steal password in a Target PC via LAN (Local Area Network). SSLSTRIP is known in hijacking HTTP traffic on a network. ...

CompTIA Security+ Certification, Evolution and Innovation for Sustained Relevancy
By: ryan c
June 23, 2015

Many companies, throughout the years, have failed because they failed to innovate and change. Many great market leaders, like Kodak, even held in their hands the future of their industry, and still refused to embrace it. Change is always difficult for someone of something in a position where status quo is providing awesome returns. It takes courage to innovate, and ...