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By: S-Connect
December 18, 2015

Welcome Back Readers! In my past Metasploit articles, we have discussed about Metasploit Framework including; how payload works? Today we will dive into Second Stage (Stage 1) Meterpreter and the process involved in exploitation with staged payloads. We are giving instruction to Metasploit for the two staged payload preparation whenever we use the following; msf> ...

[podcast] Interview with ISC2 board member Wim Remes...
By: BrBr
December 17, 2015

I got a hold of Mr. Wim Remes, because he was elected to the ISC board in November 2015.  Recent changes to the CISSP included changing the long-standing 10 domains down to 8 domains, plus a major revamp to all of them.I wanted to know what Mr. Remes' plans were for the coming term, how the board works, ...

Cybrary's 2016 Cyber Security Job Trends Report [Infographic]
By: ryan c
December 16, 2015

Recently, we surveyed 435 senior-level cyber security professionals on topics surrounding the cyber security job market , and discussed the directions the market may be heading.As we've discussed many times, cyber security's skills gap is massive, incomparable to anything in the world's recent labor market. We packaged the results of the survey into the infographic below.We present data on ...

Password Management Solutions: Are They Really Worth It?
By: rotsap
December 15, 2015

As I clicked reply to a comment recently, relating to the worth or value of using a Password Manager, I saw my own "product" shall we say, go right to work, logging me in to do so...And, it was a good feeling using it...Excellent.So, I'll provide a view on the topic, based on the only password manager I've had ...

Tell us what you think about the new course pages!
By: Tatianna
December 14, 2015

We've realized that it might have been confusing for some people on where to start a class since all of the "good stuff" was buried under hundreds of page scrolls. Well now we've re-arranged the main course pages. The information you wanted is now on top (go figure)! Faster access to the course lessons without all the scrolling. ...

How to Block DDOS Attacks with ASP.NET
By: Dr3AMCoDeR
December 14, 2015

Many people have asked me how to evade DOS and DDOS Attacks. In this short discussion, I'd like to explain how I protect my applications or systems from DDOS Attacks. This article is intended for advanced Software developers and IT people , but feel free to read it even if you're beginner. Someday, it might be useful ...

How to be an Ethical Hacker in the U.K.
By: KnightsCode
December 14, 2015

If, like me, you live in the United Kingdom and you're working towards your penetration testing certifications and want to know what route to take, then look no further. This short, yet detailed, article will help send you on your way.I'm going to start by presuming that you have no experience in the field at all. This way, I can ...

3 Tips for Working with Complex Passwords
By: usman47
December 11, 2015

  Introduction When creating strong passwords, it's often recommended to make them 8 - 10 characters long with lower case, upper case and numeric values and sometimes special characters. This is really good, but when it comes to remembering these letter-number combinations, it can be like solving a complicated mathematical equation and ...

How Can I Become a H@cker?
By: usman47
December 11, 2015

Hacking is vast field. It involves a lot of learning , patience and practice. Everyone here wants to become a L33T H@cker, but how? That's a multi-million dollar question and everyone's been asking about it.So, I'll give you guys some info about How To Become A Hacker (an Ethical Hacker , specifically). Let's get started....  1. Qualities: If ...

[podcast] MITRE's ATT&CK Matrix:
By: BrBr
December 10, 2015

#MITRE has a matrix that classifies the various ways that your network can be . It shows all the post-exploitation categories from 'Persistence' to 'Privilege Escalation'. It's a nice way to organize all the information.This week, Mr. Boettcher and I go over "#Persistence" and "#Command and#Control" sections of the Matrix.Every person who attacks you has a specific method that they use ...