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Introduction to Cryptography
By: HakTuts
June 17, 2015

What is cryptography? Cryptography derives its name from the Greek word “Kryptos,” which means “Hidden Secrets.” Cryptography is the practice and study of hiding information. It's the Art or Science of converting a plain intelligible data into unintelligible data and again re-transforming that message into its original form. It provides: Confidentiality, Integrity, Accuracy. Encryption The process ...

Automatas Finitos
By: Kierc117
June 17, 2015

[udesigniconfont name="fa fa-user"] Contribution Credit: @kierc117  Automata FinitoUn automata finito es un vector de 3 elementosM=(I,S,DELTA,F)donde I es el conjunto finito de entradas (no vacio), S es el conjunto finito de estados, DELTA es la funcion de transicion de estados y F es el conjunto finito de estados finales (incluidos en S)el hecho de que todos los conjuntos sean ...

Education: the first line of defense in wireless network security
By: Rachel Laura M
June 16, 2015

Wireless networks are fast and convenient and allow for many devices to be connected on a network and communicate with each other. However, this technology presents a new set of issues that weren’t present in the wired world. Mainly, threats to security including but certainly not limited to: Information reaching unintended recipients Unauthorized users ...

The Limitations of Modern Cryptography
By: Rachel Laura M
June 16, 2015

Individuals now own multiple electronic devices - from Smartphones, to tablets, to laptops and more. They often bring these items into the workplace, or use them to work from a remote location. Increased threats to a company’s important and confidential information are more prevalent than ever.Protection of this information is crucial - as information can travel across the world ...

The Comprehensive Guide to Ethical Hacking
By: HakTuts
June 15, 2015

Introduction to Ethical Hacking When security experts offer "safety talks" to business groups, they share definitions for VPN's, encryption, laptop security, network security, online piracy and so on. Then, they explore instances when establishing security are ineffective: vulnerabilities are found and harmful components creep in. At this point, the security expert introduces the ...

A Good Plan is Crucial in the Fight against Cyber Crime
By: Rachel Laura M
June 13, 2015

In a physical crime scene, say a home has been burned down as a result of an arsonist or maybe a home has been burglarized, the role of first responders on the scene is very important. These skilled individuals must be able to avoid contaminating the crime scene or destroying evidence, all the while securing the crime scene and documenting ...

Cybrary is Going Global!
By: klowe
June 11, 2015

C alling all Spanish, French and German Speakers Cybrary's mission is to provide free cyber security and IT training to people across the globe. However, as an English-only website, we have been limited in our ability to reach people who do not speak English as a first language. ...

Learning from Home: How to succeed at Cybrary’s Online Learning
By: Tatianna
June 11, 2015

Updated August 10, 2018 When taking classes to prepare for exams, there are important factors to consider. With Cybrary’s courses, much of the class material is based on watching videos. While this may be great for some people, for others it is not enough to fully grasp the discussed concepts. Below are some tips on how ...

What is the CIA Triad? Confidentiality, Integrity and Availability
By: ryan c
June 9, 2015

The CIA triad is becoming the standard model for conceptualizing challenges to information security in the 21st century. CIA stands for confidentiality, integrity and availability, which are said to be the three most important elements of reliable security. Every IT worker should have a thorough understanding of the triad and its intricacies, but every staff member who works around sensitive ...

Ethical Hacking: It's not an oxymoron.
By: Rachel Laura M
June 8, 2015

When most people think of a hacker, they think of a dishonest individual who uses techniques to bypass a system’s defenses and steal confidential and sensitive information. Security breaches, data as well as identify theft are all incidents which can occur as a result of a hacker breaking into a system. However, in this modern workplace where information can ...