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CASE STUDY: Website Phishing Attack
By: Amrit Chhetri
December 9, 2015

Case Summary: Mrs. Poornima Rai, working as a Social Media Strategist a firm called 'Next Gen Digital System,' received an email with promotional offer attached to it. She's an intelligent person who always loved listening to music and dating books with coffee. She also has some knowledge about attacks through emails and their effect.Mrs. Pinky Sharma, CEO ...

[podcast] Can you achieve Security Through Obscurity?
By: BrBr
December 7, 2015

That's the question many think is an automatic 'yes'.  Whether your httpd is running on port 82, or maybe your fancy#wordpress #module needs some cover because the code quality is just a little lower than where it should be, and you need to cover up some cruft. But maybe there are some times where things just need to be secure...This ...

Shatter this Myth: Passwords Keep Your Data Totally Safe
By: Daelphinux
December 7, 2015

"Door locks keep the good people out. The bad guys will break a window."  For the life of me, I can't remember where I heard that quote, but it's an important one to remember when approaching cyber security problems.Most "preventative" security measures (the kinds of things that make us feel safe) are not ...

Around the World with Cybrary
December 3, 2015

Globally, cyber security shortages are expected to reach upward of 1.5 million by the year 2020. As the Cybrary community reaches the 300,000 registered users mark; we found this a great opportunity to thank everyone that has contributed and continued to make this a great cyber security learning environment for people from around the world. We are proud to ...

Stuxnet: Analysis and Impact of the Malware Marvel
By: JoshBellamy
December 3, 2015

With U.S.-supplied, highly enriched uranium Iran was able to fuel a small nuclear reactor, effectively beginning their nuclear program in the 1960’s.  Though advancement of the nuclear program slowed during the Islamic revolution and Iran-Iraq war, by the middle of the 1990’s, Iran publicly pursued continuation of their nuclear program.  (“Iran Sanctions”, 2010, p.1)  In 2002, satellite photos verified ...

How to Hunt Down Malware in Your Windows OS
By: usman47
December 3, 2015

If you've read my older articles 7 Steps to Create a Defensive Security Shield for MS Windows and Ethical Hacking: How To Use Batch Programming then you might have noticed one thing: getting hacked on a Windows machine is so damn easy. I thought that I should give you guys some info on how to ...

Google Hears Cybrarian’s Appeal, Lifts Ban on Free Cyber Security Training App
By: ryan c
December 1, 2015

This post is an update to my previous post about Cybrary’s Android app being banned from the Google Play store: https://www.cybrary.it/2015/11/google-play-against-cybersecurity-education-and-for-censorship-you-decide/ Thank you Cybrarians, for your support in getting the Cybrary app put back into the Google Play store! Also, thank you Google Play Support Team for hearing our appeal!As you know, last Wednesday (11/25), the Google Play Support ...

3 Social Engineering Scenarios You Should Know
By: Daelphinux
November 30, 2015

Social Engineering is one of the most terrifying aspects of trying to secure anything in any way. Unfortunately, most people lack the ability to understand they’re being engineered and act on that realization.   Social engineering attacks rely on common tropes, which can easily be learned if you understand: when ...

[PODCAST] Episode 20 Another giveaway episode
By: CyDefe
November 29, 2015

On this week’s episode we discuss Microsoft’s operations center to fight cyber threats, Dell added Cylance, a bug in Gmail app for Android allows anyone to send spoofed emails, and Siri’s lockscreen bypass.This weeks episode also has a codeword that can be entered over at our giveaway page at https://www.cydefe.com/giveaway

Protect Yourself from Social Engineering Used on Social Networks
By: Dr3AMCoDeR
November 25, 2015

We usually spend a lot of time on the social networks , and we use them often in everyday situations so we could share a pictures with our family, attend to some great events, share our locations, and we use them even to chat with our friends and tell them some secrets, and we blindly trust them. I must agree that it's true that ...