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Classic Encryption Techniques
By: HamzaMegahed
December 24, 2015

Classic Encryption Techniques All encryption techniques are based on 2 methods, which can be used separately or together: 1- Substitution 2- Transposition 1- Substitution Encryption Techniques: Substitution is an encryption technique where elements in the plaintext are replaced or mapped with another elements. There are many types of the substitution techniques such as (monoalphabetic cipher and ...

Social Engineering Attacks
By: chiheb chebbi
December 22, 2015

  Social Engineering:     Social Engine ering is the art of hacking humans.It i refers to psychological manipulation ...

The Ultimate Guide to Installing Kali Linux 2.0
By: chiheb chebbi
December 22, 2015

Set Up Your Machine  Kali Linux is the most advanced penetration testing distribution. It comes from the Offensive Security team. It's a Debian-based distribution that comes with a various penetration testing tools (John the Ripper, Namp, Wireshark, Burp Suite etc...). Offensive Security (who are also the funders, founders and developers of backtrack ...

3 Major Concepts of Cryptography
By: HamzaMegahed
December 21, 2015

3 Major Concepts of CryptographyLet's talk in detail about 3 major concepts: Computer Security OSI Security Architecture Cryptography   1. Computer Security A definition of computer security consists of 3 points. We can name this as the CIA security concept (Confidentiality, Integrity and Availability): 1- Confidentiality: assure that confidential information ...

Bytes Omelette: Discovering Hidden Messages
By: andresBello
December 21, 2015

Sometimes, we have to face cases and investigations against people who know how to cover their tracks, and have knowledge on how to avoid forensic discovery. Nowadays, there's lots of people making illicit attacks, using tactics to make things in anti-forensic way. One of those tactics is using low-level encryption programs to change the ...

How Symmetric Encryption Works
By: HamzaMegahed
December 21, 2015

Symmetric Encryption Symmetric encryption or symmetric key or single-key encryption is an encryption system where the encryption and the decryption processes are preformed using the same key.  Symmetric Encryption Model:   1- Plaintext (P):  The original message or data. The plaintext is an input to the encryption algorithm. 2- Encryption Algorithm (E):  This algorithm preforms various ...

E-Mail Crime Investigation- A Case Study
By: Amrit Chhetri
December 18, 2015

E-Mail Crime Investigation- A Case Study Researched and Authorized by:Amrit Chhetri, Principal IT Security Consultant, Certified Computer Forensics Investigator/Consultant, Chief Penetration Tester, Social Media Consultant/Strategist 1. Case Summary: Mr. Raja Chhetri worked as a Team Leader in an international BPO firm. He was a social media freak, smart and well performing entry-level management executive and had good taste ...

By: S-Connect
December 18, 2015

Welcome Back Readers! In my past Metasploit articles, we have discussed about Metasploit Framework including; how payload works? Today we will dive into Second Stage (Stage 1) Meterpreter and the process involved in exploitation with staged payloads. We are giving instruction to Metasploit for the two staged payload preparation whenever we use the following; msf> ...

[podcast] Interview with ISC2 board member Wim Remes...
By: BrBr
December 17, 2015

I got a hold of Mr. Wim Remes, because he was elected to the ISC board in November 2015.  Recent changes to the CISSP included changing the long-standing 10 domains down to 8 domains, plus a major revamp to all of them.I wanted to know what Mr. Remes' plans were for the coming term, how the board works, ...

Cybrary's 2016 Cyber Security Job Trends Report [Infographic]
By: ryan c
December 16, 2015

Recently, we surveyed 435 senior-level cyber security professionals on topics surrounding the cyber security job market , and discussed the directions the market may be heading.As we've discussed many times, cyber security's skills gap is massive, incomparable to anything in the world's recent labor market. We packaged the results of the survey into the infographic below.We present data on ...