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3 Social Engineering Scenarios You Should Know
By: Daelphinux
November 30, 2015

Social Engineering is one of the most terrifying aspects of trying to secure anything in any way. Unfortunately, most people lack the ability to understand they’re being engineered and act on that realization.   Social engineering attacks rely on common tropes, which can easily be learned if you understand: when ...

[PODCAST] Episode 20 Another giveaway episode
By: CyDefe
November 29, 2015

On this week’s episode we discuss Microsoft’s operations center to fight cyber threats, Dell added Cylance, a bug in Gmail app for Android allows anyone to send spoofed emails, and Siri’s lockscreen bypass.This weeks episode also has a codeword that can be entered over at our giveaway page at https://www.cydefe.com/giveaway

Protect Yourself from Social Engineering Used on Social Networks
By: Dr3AMCoDeR
November 25, 2015

We usually spend a lot of time on the social networks , and we use them often in everyday situations so we could share a pictures with our family, attend to some great events, share our locations, and we use them even to chat with our friends and tell them some secrets, and we blindly trust them. I must agree that it's true that ...

Google Play – Against Cybersecurity Education and for Censorship? You Decide
By: ryan c
November 25, 2015

What we are about to present are facts regarding why the Google Play Support team decided to remove our app from their app marketplace, and how this position by Google Play reflects a negative stance against the free flow of cyber security education, and an enactment of censorship of what should be available knowledge to the cyber security community. If ...

A Career in Cyber Security
November 25, 2015

Cybersecurity – Choosing a Career As computer systems store more and more confidential personal, financial, medical, and top secret data, protecting that data is becoming more and more important to governments and businesses, worldwide. Enterprises must respond to the increasing number of complex threats and attacks by hiring cybersecurity professionals with deep technical experience in a variety of new ...

Mounting a Forensic Image for Analysis Using the OSFMount Windows Utility
By: coypu76
November 24, 2015

If you've not read the previous tutorial, “Creating a Forensic Disk Image Using the Guymager Utility” , please consider reviewing it as this tutorial presupposes you have an image file created using Guymager or a tool with similar capabilities.In the previous tutorial, we used the Guymager Linux utility to create a forensic image of a target disk in ...

Creating a Forensic Disk Image with the Linux Guymager Utility
By: coypu76
November 24, 2015

Background: Guymager is an Open Source disk imaging tool for Linux created by Dutch developer Guy Voncken, licensed under the GPLv2 license. Guymager is not a Windows program. It runs only on Linux.It's one of the tools included on popular Linux distributions, which are focused on Data Security, Penetration Testing and Forensics such as Kali, Deft, Caine, Forens*nix and ...

7 Steps to Create a Defensive Security Shield for MS Windows
By: usman47
November 23, 2015

Almost 80% of home users use Microsoft Windows daily, as it's their OS of choice and pretty easy to use. Most Hackers, like myself, are against using Windows as it's a very insecure environment for a normal user to work in. Plus, most of the people don't understand the kind of threats they're facing and think ...

Comprehensive List of Tutorials and Learning Resources for the Infosec Pro
By: Dallas
November 23, 2015

Welcome!So, you want to be an... Ethical Hacker , Linux guru, programming master, network admin, expert of all things IT?Here's a collection of tutorials and learning resources that will get you started on whatever path you're hoping to take!I've personally accessed each site to ensure it's online and operational at the time of this writing.Some of the links are ...

Ethical Hacking: How To Use Batch Programming
By: usman47
November 18, 2015

Ethical Hacking: How To Use Batch Programming Everyone always want to perform ethical hacking easily. This includes using already built tools and exploits for your pentesting.Have you wondered about the easiest way to create a simple virus for Windows? I did and found that simpler things can get a big job done. Today, I am ...