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Five Critical API Security Vulnerabilities
By: Ambler Jackson
February 25, 2022

Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) are a fundamental part of modern software development. Organizations use APIs to enhance the user experience for their products and services. Almost every application uses an API. While APIs are valuable and necessary for any digital transformation strategy, they are also high-value targets for bad actors seeking to take over accounts, create fake accounts, or engage ...

IT Fundamentals Skills Assessment (Hands-on training)
By: Cybrary Staff
February 24, 2022

Why IT skills assessments are essential in the modern workplace Businesses must ensure the best candidates occupy their IT positions, so skills assessments are vital to acquiring and nurturing talent. Summary: *When hiring new employees or developing and promoting existing ones, running skills assessments can save valuable time while helping managers better understand the skills of individuals and teams. This way, ...

Defining The Incident Management Process
By: Nihad Hassan
February 23, 2022

In an accelerating digital world, any drop in IT service can have catastrophic consequences on the affected organization. For example, suppose a cybersecurity incident occurred and resulted in ceasing a major online retailer's IT system and networks; how much money of losses do you expect? According to the Ponemon Institute study, a DDoS attack will cost an average of $22,000 ...

What Is Incident Response and Why Companies Should Implement It?
By: Elviraluke Napwora
February 22, 2022

WHAT IS INCIDENT RESPONSE? Incident response is the organized process that organizations follow to identify, prioritize, contain, and eradicate a security incident while remediating the cause to prevent related incidents from recurring in the future. The ultimate goal of incident response is a quick turnaround in handling incidents to minimize damage and business impact. Therefore, it is an invaluable ...

Cybersecurity Skills Gap Research Report (Resources)
By: Cybrary Staff
February 18, 2022

What the widening cybersecurity skills gap means to enterprises The cybersecurity skills gap continues to widen, a problem exacerbated by the rise of remote workforces and a constantly evolving threat landscape. Summary: Hiring and retaining cybersecurity talent is not getting any easier, and it remains a top challenge as enterprises face a constantly evolving threat landscape. As the cybersecurity skills gap widens ...

Enterprise Project Management: Soft & Hard Skills
By: Divya Bora
February 17, 2022

article header Enterprise Project Management is the need of the hour as most organizations are running multiple complex projects simultaneously. Though the projects might not be connected, they all impact the organization differently. It is the disciplined practice of managing projects simultaneously on an organizational level. It comprises implementing processes and strategies to streamline and enhance project management effectiveness on a ...

How To Get An Entry Level Cybersecurity Job
By: Shimon Brathwaite
February 16, 2022

cybersecurity header Breaking into an industry is the most challenging part of having a successful career, and this all begins with getting the right entry-level job. Unfortunately, only around 53% of college graduates work in their field upon graduation. This shows that getting that first job is a challenge for many people, even after investing 4-5 years and accumulating thousands of ...

How To Succeed In Cybersecurity (Podcast)
By: Cybrary Staff
February 15, 2022

Building a career in cybersecurity: 4 key drivers for success Cybersecurity skills are in huge demand, and the barriers to entry are high. Here is an overview of what it takes to build a successful career in the field. Summary: Cybersecurity skills are in enormous and constantly growing demand, but getting into the field has not always been easy. The barriers ...

What is Polkit and Why Is There Urgency To Mitigate?
By: Cybrary Staff
February 14, 2022

What Is Polkit? Polkit (formerly PolicyKit) is an application-level toolkit for managing access privileges in UNIX/LINUX-based systems. Polkit defines the security policies needed to handle unprivileged and privileged processes communications. Consider it a central command center for governing the decision-making processes regarding allowing unprivileged applications to take advantage of privilege operations. Unlike sudo, which gives full root permission for the ...

How To Retain Professionals In A Competitive Job Market
By: Shimon Brathwaite
February 11, 2022

Cybersecurity is one of the hottest industries in technology, with an almost zero percent unemployment rate. This means that skilled cybersecurity professionals can find new jobs fairly easily, making it difficult for management to retain their best employees. Cybersecurity has one of the highest burnout rates in industries, with 51% of incident responders and security professionals reporting extreme stress or ...