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Insecure Data Storage on Android Mobile Phones
By: udhayaprakash
October 15, 2015

  Insecure Data Storage on Android Mobile Phones What Does this Mean? Today, cellular networks are becoming a vital element for exchanging the electronic data in low income countries. A problem arises: insecure data storage on mobile phones. This leads to theft of all important data from victims' phones. I’m here to give a Solution for insecure ...

Traversing the Cyber Corridor
October 15, 2015

Washington D.C., Virginia, and Maryland are being called the hub for cyber security jobs. Driven by an exorbitant federal budget and an influx of venture capital, demand for cyber security professionals is not only high, but, as basic economics tells us, due to the shortage of those qualified professionals, salaries for these positions are pushing ever higher.The venture capital that ...

We've Gone Mobile
By: Tatianna
October 13, 2015

Get even more convenient access to Cybrary through our Android mobile app so you can learn how to hack, crack and exploit nearly anything. Our developer @akhaliq92 has worked diligently over the past several months to make your mobile experience better with features that include easy video downloading, video streaming, and offline viewing. You can also visit the ...

Cyber Security from a College Student's Perspective
By: Maddie
October 13, 2015

Typically, October equals Halloween. The month of October is also national cyber security awareness month. Sure it’s all about the haunted houses, frightening decorations, and scary costumes. Do you know what else is scary? Viruses and malware. These two often occur when an abundance of internet searches occur. What group of people spend a significant amount of time on laptops, ...

[podcast] Guardrails vs. Speedbumps
By: BrBr
October 12, 2015

When we wanted to have Martin Fisher on, it was to discuss 'Security Mandate vs. Security Influence'. We wanted to discuss why companies treat compliance as more important, and if it's only because business requires it to be done. And if infosec is a red-headed stepchild because they often don't have the guidance of a compliance framework.But it ended up ...

To Cloud or Not to Cloud with SharePoint
By: Hollywood27kt
October 12, 2015

One of the most frequent questions I get when working with clients who are currently using SharePoint Server is what the advantages and disadvantages of moving to the cloud, or mainly SharePoint Online/Office 365. SharePoint Online has been a technological forefront when it comes to web content management, and for good reason, too. I've seen a lot of ...

Tutorial: Hacking/Troubleshooting VoIP and ISDN
By: Kouzelnik
October 12, 2015

Phone hacking has been around since creation of the phone line. Now, with VoIP technology, we face new issues. Let's take a closer look at Cisco connections and troubleshooting of basic problems. Much depends on the connection and hardware you're working with. Cisco phones are connected to the switch and managed via CME or CUCM. Below, ...

Examining the IoT from a Cyber Security Point of View
By: GodSpeed
October 12, 2015

Before we start, here’s a fun fact: It wasn’t a researcher or an analyst to first use the term ‘Cyberspace,’ it was a science fiction author named William Gibson. It was used in 1982 in a short story; he later elaborated on the term in his novel ‘Neuromancer.’  Ironically, whatever he wrote as a fiction, is anything ...

CyDefe Podcast Episode 18
By: CyDefe
October 8, 2015

Hey hey everyone. We at CyDefe have released another awesome episode of our cyber security podcast. On this week’s episode we discuss fake blue screen of death, ad blocking, a critcal WinRAR vulnerability, and a shortage of cyber professionals.You can check out the episode on iTunes or check it out on our website . Have a listen and enjoy.

Stop ISP Espionage and Transparent Proxies Using DNS Cryptography
By: Krintoxi
October 8, 2015

Stop ISP Espionage and Transparent Proxies Using DNS Cryptography Hello,Today, I'll show you how to properly setup a DNSCrypt to prevent monitoring and logging on your DNS by your default provider. We'll do this by changing our DNS provider to an off-shore or other DNS service that does NOT log our requests, and encrypts DNS queries and responses. Before we explore ...