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How to be an Ethical Hacker in the U.K.
By: KnightsCode
December 14, 2015

If, like me, you live in the United Kingdom and you're working towards your penetration testing certifications and want to know what route to take, then look no further. This short, yet detailed, article will help send you on your way.I'm going to start by presuming that you have no experience in the field at all. This way, I can ...

3 Tips for Working with Complex Passwords
By: usman47
December 11, 2015

  Introduction When creating strong passwords, it's often recommended to make them 8 - 10 characters long with lower case, upper case and numeric values and sometimes special characters. This is really good, but when it comes to remembering these letter-number combinations, it can be like solving a complicated mathematical equation and ...

How Can I Become a H@cker?
By: usman47
December 11, 2015

Hacking is vast field. It involves a lot of learning , patience and practice. Everyone here wants to become a L33T H@cker, but how? That's a multi-million dollar question and everyone's been asking about it.So, I'll give you guys some info about How To Become A Hacker (an Ethical Hacker , specifically). Let's get started....  1. Qualities: If ...

[podcast] MITRE's ATT&CK Matrix:
By: BrBr
December 10, 2015

#MITRE has a matrix that classifies the various ways that your network can be . It shows all the post-exploitation categories from 'Persistence' to 'Privilege Escalation'. It's a nice way to organize all the information.This week, Mr. Boettcher and I go over "#Persistence" and "#Command and#Control" sections of the Matrix.Every person who attacks you has a specific method that they use ...

Passwords are Always the Weakest Links
By: rotsap
December 10, 2015

[caption id="attachment_56334" align="aligncenter" width="1024"] Passwords are victims of neglect and the weakest links in the IT landscape[/caption]  Security savvy starts here Carefully creating and handling passwords is the perfect place to become a more savvy Security Pro. It seems reasonable that by the time someone launches their security career, they'd be practicing safe password usage and deployment. Yet, many ...

CASE STUDY: Website Phishing Attack
By: Amrit Chhetri
December 9, 2015

Case Summary: Mrs. Poornima Rai, working as a Social Media Strategist a firm called 'Next Gen Digital System,' received an email with promotional offer attached to it. She's an intelligent person who always loved listening to music and dating books with coffee. She also has some knowledge about attacks through emails and their effect.Mrs. Pinky Sharma, CEO ...

[podcast] Can you achieve Security Through Obscurity?
By: BrBr
December 7, 2015

That's the question many think is an automatic 'yes'.  Whether your httpd is running on port 82, or maybe your fancy#wordpress #module needs some cover because the code quality is just a little lower than where it should be, and you need to cover up some cruft. But maybe there are some times where things just need to be secure...This ...

Shatter this Myth: Passwords Keep Your Data Totally Safe
By: Daelphinux
December 7, 2015

"Door locks keep the good people out. The bad guys will break a window."  For the life of me, I can't remember where I heard that quote, but it's an important one to remember when approaching cyber security problems.Most "preventative" security measures (the kinds of things that make us feel safe) are not ...

Around the World with Cybrary
December 3, 2015

Globally, cyber security shortages are expected to reach upward of 1.5 million by the year 2020. As the Cybrary community reaches the 300,000 registered users mark; we found this a great opportunity to thank everyone that has contributed and continued to make this a great cyber security learning environment for people from around the world. We are proud to ...

Stuxnet: Analysis and Impact of the Malware Marvel
By: JoshBellamy
December 3, 2015

With U.S.-supplied, highly enriched uranium Iran was able to fuel a small nuclear reactor, effectively beginning their nuclear program in the 1960’s.  Though advancement of the nuclear program slowed during the Islamic revolution and Iran-Iraq war, by the middle of the 1990’s, Iran publicly pursued continuation of their nuclear program.  (“Iran Sanctions”, 2010, p.1)  In 2002, satellite photos verified ...