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Part 5: Create a Complete Virtual Environment for Penetration Testing
By: Z33MAX
March 24, 2016

Welcome back to the fifth part of the tutorial series. Today, we're going to learn how to compact a VDI into less disk space. I'm going to compact Windows Server VDI and then Sysprep it for ready-to-go imaging or future cloning. Tutorial Requirements: VirtualBox Windows Server R ...

Web Application Security Trends
By: monroerl
March 22, 2016

Application security is frequently found next to web application security in conversations, policies, news reports and annual cyber security trend articles. This word association can be attributed to our increasing reliance on mobile computing and use of Java-enabled content. Taking a page out of the web site content playbook, software applications are being built as needed, a technique known as ...

Spies Are Among Us
By: Antr4ck
March 22, 2016

Taming your computer is your most enthusiastic dreams. Unfortunately, for many years, spyware spread on the Internet to infiltrate the recesses of your computer, observe all actions and alter behavior, bringing down your greatest wish.   Spyware New internet scourges, these parasites - from simple cookie stored on your machine applications - are very discreet. As ...

CCNA - ICND1-003
By: layman
March 22, 2016

Alright, alright. Let's dive into IP addressing. An IP address is a number assigned to a device that participates in a network communication. It's used for two purposes: Host (device identification) Location (network identification) An example of an IP address: ...

Metasploit / Metasploitable2
By: @vinea
March 21, 2016

Greetings People - In my first post, I felt like I owed a few details. This time I'll get a little more detailed.   Why write about Metasploitable? Because it's an easy and fun way to learn how to manage the msfconsole.   Let's begin...  Set parameters and give the name VM : Followed ...

Auto-Compromising Devices with Karmetasploit
By: Patrick
March 21, 2016

For years, I've found that penetrating corporate environments through mobile devices is much easier than attacking border-edge firewalls and hardened servers. For this reason, I've begun using kits such as Karmetasploit.  Leveraging a Raspberry Pi and Metasploit , allows for instant shells and pillaging of data - using nothing more than a RaspberryPi, Alfa antenna and a internet ...

91 Abbreviations Every H@cker Should Know
By: Cyber Tiger
March 21, 2016

AP = Access Point 2. API = Application Programming Interfaces 3. APK = Android Package Kit 4. ATA = Advanced Technology Attachment 5. ATM= Automatic Teller Machine 6. BASIC = Beginners All Purpose Symbolic Instruction Code 7. BIOS = Basic Input Output System 8. CAPTCHA = Completely Automated Public Turing ...

Part 4: Create a Complete Virtual Environment for Penetration Testing
By: Z33MAX
March 21, 2016

Hello, Cybrarian community, In Part 2 , we learned how to install Windows Server and connect it to Pfsense. In this tutorial, we're going to learn how to create linked clones for Windows Server 2012. Tutorial Requirements: VirtualBox Windows Server R 2012 virtual machine ...

Part 3: Create a Complete Virtual Environment for Penetration Testing
By: Z33MAX
March 18, 2016

Install Mac OS X (Yosemite) Hello, fellow Cybrarians: Thank you for your supportive comments and positive feedback. It encouraged me to do more tutorials to benefit this great Community. Today, we're going to setup a Mac OS X virtual machine and connect to the Pfsense.   Tutorial Requirements: ...

Ransomware - Decryption Keys Released!
By: xyra
March 17, 2016

Ransomware causes many sleepless nights to companies world-wide, but now decryption codes have risen on the internet to put an end to the nightmare of many versions of malware.I'll show you where to find the keys to decrypt your data!The toolkit  EDA2  was originally created to demonstrate how ransomware works. When creating common ransomware, such as some versions of ...