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Physical Penetration Testing: Benefits and Methods
By: Divya Bora
January 13, 2022

header What is Physical Penetration Testing? Physical Penetration Testing is defined as a real-world intrusion attempt to see how attackers might gain physical access to the organization’s infrastructure, systems, or employees. It is also known as Physical Intrusion Testing. It aims to identify, expose, and improve the organization’s physical security and defense weaknesses that malicious hackers can exploit. BENEFITS OF PHYSICAL ...

CompTIA Network+ or CompTIA Security+: Which Certificate Is Better For A Career In Cybersecurity
By: Nihad Hassan
January 12, 2022

The Computing Technology Industry Association (CompTIA) is among the most respected computer security associations worldwide. Since its foundation in 1982, CompTIA has developed numerous certifications to support assessing individuals in the computing industry, beginning with networking, hardware devices, and reaching cybersecurity. There are many certifications offered by CompTIA, the most popular ones among IT professionals are: Security+ Network+ In this article, ...

What Is An Average CRISC Certification Salary?
By: Cybrary Staff
January 11, 2022

The Certified in Risk and Information Systems Control (CRISC) credential from ISACA is an enterprise-level risk management certification popular among IT professionals who work, or want to work, with identifying and implementing information system controls and risk management. The CRISC certification requires work experience with knowledge of corporate risk and the design of risk-based system controls. It is a leading ...

Virus: How To Avoid This Kind Of Malware?
By: Shimon Brathwaite
January 11, 2022

Computer viruses are one of the most popular terms for online security. Fortunately, almost everyone knows that computer viruses are something that you don't want on your computer. Unfortunately, once your computer becomes infected, it's not easy to remove it. They are often designed to be challenging to get rid of, and if you're not tech-savvy, it becomes even more ...

Windows Security Fundamentals
By: Divya Bora
January 10, 2022

WHAT IS COMPUTER SECURITY? Computer security preserves computing systems by preventing and detecting any unauthorized attempt to use the computer. Prevention assists in ceasing unauthorized access, and detection assists in determining if someone who tried to break into the system was successful or not. Computer security is essential as it helps protect the personal information or organizational data resources stored on ...

What Is Offensive Security?
By: Cybrary Staff
January 7, 2022

What is offensive security, and why does it matter? Offensive security takes a proactive and adversarial approach to information security to help organizations prepare for the most sophisticated cyber threats. Summary: With the cyber threat landscape constantly evolving, businesses are now more proactive in securing their data and operations. From penetration testing to white hat hacking, security experts are now highly ...

Insider Threat Program: What Is It And Why Is Having One Important?
By: Nihad Hassan
January 6, 2022

Cyberattacks are increasing significantly in both sophistication and number. Protecting digital assets from the ever-increasing number of cyber threats has become a top priority for organizations worldwide. To counter the increased number of attacks, organizations employ various technological solutions, such as Firewalls, IDS, IPS, SIEM, and NDR. Despite all these defenses, cybercriminals still find ways to infiltrate IT networks and ...

OSCP Certification
By: Cybrary Staff
January 5, 2022

Which jobs can one get with an OSCP certification? Although OSCP is an entry-level certification, it sets the foundation for a successful career in penetration testing. Here are some of the best opportunities. Summary: OSCP is a widely respected and highly specialized certification that can open new niches in information security. The certification’s true value lies either in getting an entry-level job ...

Cybersecurity: Is It Easy To Learn?
By: Shimon Brathwaite
January 4, 2022

Cybersecurity has grown in popularity and notoriety dramatically in the last few years. Thanks to events like the suspected hacking of the US election, data breaches of companies like Google, Facebook, etc., and the constant threat of computer viruses, cybersecurity has exploded as an industry. The cybersecurity market is expected to grow by 35X over the next 13 years, and ...

Is CCNA Entry Level ?
By: Divya Bora
January 3, 2022

CCNA header WHAT IS CCNA? Cisco Certified Network Associate is an entry-level information technology (IT) based networking certification issued by Cisco. It was designed to authenticate the person's knowledge of fundamental networking concepts, usually required for some IT positions. It is a perfect fit for aspiring network professionals. It is usually recommended for entry-level candidates, so the exam is not difficult ...