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Prospective Job Positions For Network+ Holders
By: Nihad Hassan
December 30, 2021

Computer networks are the backbone of our modern digital society. Everything around us is run -or supported somehow- using a computer network. For government and business organizations, computer networks become a crucial enabler of digital transformation, in addition to providing other numerous benefits, such as: Resources Sharing: Computer networks allow sharing computer resources (programs, hardware devices such as printers and scanners) ...

Print Security: Definition, Methods and Benefits
By: Divya Bora
December 29, 2021

print security header Printing Security is the branch of cybersecurity that comprises printing jobs that follow industry-specific standards to prevent tampering and forgery of printed information. It applies to hardware and network component setups and aims to prevent unauthorized access to information. Security printing is used to print watermarks, stock certificates, banknotes, passports, identity cards, and tamper-evident labels. Security printing software and ...

By: Hugh Shepherd
December 28, 2021

The IT industry is saturated with an alphabet soup of professional certifications. There are credentials for everything, covering security, networking, privacy, governance, penetration testing, etc. There are numerous possibilities of certificates to pursue, but only a limited number of resources (e.g., time, money, and motivation) can be utilized to earn them. For individuals just entering IT or already mid-career, there most ...

Creating Digital Signatures
By: Shimon Brathwaite
December 27, 2021

To properly understand this article, one needs to understand the different types of digital signatures. The first type of digital signature, also called an electronic signature, is what one may use to sign an online contract; it’s simply a signature signed by typing it out, writing it with a touchscreen, or uploading a photo to the contract. A common company ...

OSCP Training
By: Cybrary Staff
December 22, 2021

A primer for OSCP training: 5 essential skill areas to cover before starting As with any widely recognized industry certification, OSCP training takes time and effort, but choosing suitable course materials can make all the difference. Summary: The journey to becoming an Offensive Security Certified Professional (OSCP) is long and difficult, going far beyond simply passing an exam. Those who demonstrate ...

How Hard Is The Network+ Exam?
By: Nihad Hassan
December 22, 2021

Data has become the lifeblood of organizations in today's information age. No matter the type and industry, organizations cannot operate without data. As a result, computer networks became an integral component for any organization that utilizes technology to facilitate exchanging data. They provide: Numerous benefits for adopters Ranging from increasing work efficiencies Facilitating sharing of computer resources ...

By: Prasanna Peshkar
December 21, 2021

Expert certifications are crucial in the information security arena, where demonstrated skillfulness and proficiency are largely required. Because capability demands more than job expertise to confirm that the candidate is fully proficient and can handle the most delinquent technologies, threats, and challenges. Many big firms such as Google, IBM, P&G acknowledge and appreciate CISSP and CRISC credentials. Moreover, they usually ...

How To Pass The CRISC Exam
By: Cybrary Staff
December 20, 2021

CRISC certified employees are in demand today: the need for cybersecurity professionals increases as more organizations strive to prevent data breaches. As a result, IT professionals must stay competitive and relevant in the security control and risk management industry. The CRISC certification validates that individuals have the knowledge and skills to mitigate such risks and protect organizations’ digital information. Professionals ...

Phishing: How CEOs are Targeted through Whaling
By: Shimon Brathwaite
December 17, 2021

Phishing is one of the most common and most effective type of social engineering attack. Social engineering attacks focus on manipulating users into performing malicious actions. This is usually done over email, but it can also be through text or phone calls where someone pretends to be a legitimate entity to gain trust. It can cause a lot of damage ...

OSCP Preparation
By: Cybrary Staff
December 16, 2021

OSCP preparation: 6 tips to help ensure success Preparing for the OSCP exam means setting realistic expectations and spending a lot of time on research. These tips will ensure a smooth learning experience. Summary: A large part of OSCP preparation involves balancing traditional research materials with hands-on lab work. While everyone has their own learning preferences, there are various habits that ...