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Python Guide Part 2
By: ziednamouchi
November 28, 2016

This is a completion of the first article Python Guide Part 1: https://www.cybrary.it/0p3n/python-guide-part/ This article is about very basic and common input/output commands in python programming, as well as statements, itterator, import, and functions. 1/ Let's start with input: We use input (input or raw_input) functions to read from the ...

Linux Commands Most Used by Attackers
By: toxicptr
November 27, 2016

This article explains which are the Linux commands most used by attackers and how to defend against these attacks . Although the solutions are based on Linux they work on other Unix-like systems as well. The commands were obtained from a study by D. Ramsbrock, R. Berthier and M. Cukie from the ...

Beware - Facebook Messenger & the Spread of Locky Ransomware
By: indrajeet
November 26, 2016

  Have you came across any Facebook Message with an image file of .SVG file format ? If not then you are lucky and if you received it then avoid clicking it.If clicked, the file would eventually infect your PC with the nasty Locky Ransomware, a family of malware. In a short ...

Information Disclosure ( Gitignore files ) - Whatsapp
By: vinothpkumar
November 26, 2016

Hi Readers, While conducting an assessment in WhatsApp web application, I noticed the  .gitignore file was being exposed. What are .gitignore files? This is a user defined file which tells the “git” not to track certain files. For example: If you add a ...

Target Security Breach and the Value of Pentesting
By: rcubed
November 25, 2016

Being that it’s Black Friday, I thought it only fitting to revisit the infamous Target Security Breach of holiday shopping seasons past. For Cybrarians, there’s a lot to take from the case, particularly in the area of pentesting and fundamental network security best practices. And finally, there are the painful lessons of the high cost ...

An Introduction to Hacking (Pen Testing)
By: Mahroof CM
November 25, 2016

Now-a-days most of the people are crazy and desire to become a hacker, hacking is not an art that can be mastered overnight. It requires knowledge, skills, creativity, dedication and of course the time. In simple, hacking is a technical skill of a person. So it is good to have some extra skills ...

Emerging Ransomware Threats
By: Clouds
November 24, 2016

  One day after installing an XYZ application from an unknown developer my phone started reacting weirdly and by weirdly I mean some text was displaying on the screen stating “Pay 3 Bitcoin and get access to your phone”. I have no idea as what to do! To access my own phone I have to pay ...

The dark side of programming
By: Rachel Laura M
November 24, 2016

Even though the average person might not be aware of it, software is everywhere in our daily lives. Everything from online transactions, buying a smartphone, to driving a car involves software. As consumers, we assume and take for granted that the software used to take care of things in our daily lives will not only work as we need ...

State of the Art Wifi Security - Part 3 - Best Practices
By: siva
November 24, 2016

Introduction With increased usage of Wi-Fi, you can always except internet security and privacy issue to grow with time. Once cannot stay away from the usage of wireless networks but with a few precaution and implementing security best practices one can possibly keep data safe . ...

Data Security Breaches: Superman’s Kryptonite
By: Olivia
November 23, 2016

Dust off your comic books, Superman is back.Imagine this: In the latest issue, Superman sets up a secure perimeter around Metropolis. Or at least, he thinks it’s secure. While he’s leading his other life as Clark Kent, Lex Luther takes advantage of his accidental neglect to breach the boundaries Superman has set up, destroying the lives of millions in Metropolis ...