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A Clear Understanding of "Security through Obscurity"
By: Effren Ouedraogo
November 15, 2016

As security professionals, many of us try to teach a few simple lessons to help system administrators become more security-conscious. In this article I’ll talk about how obscurity can aid security - -hopefully, I can clear up some misconceptions. Obscurity: What Do We Really Mean?         First, what does the security professional ...

Boost Tor Privacy: Isolating Proxy
By: toxicptr
November 15, 2016

 Tor is a widely popular connection-oriented anonymizing communication service used by journalists, activists groups, security investigators, among others. This article explains how to boost the Tor privacy using it as an Isolating Proxy .An Isolating Proxy is one of the safest Tor setups. It prevents leaks present in other scenarios ...

A Simple Guide to Send Emails from a Program
By: Rattar
November 14, 2016

As a result of Juliar's  latest update, you can now send raw emails via rawemail command that sends an email to a user using SMTP protocol. (Download the latest Juliar at  https://www.juliar.org ) What is a raw email? In a raw email, you have to write everything to send to the server.Here is the command: *rawemailFrom: "Ben" <ben@example.com>To: J <j@example.com>Cc: ...

The role of cyber voting scams in the recent USA Election
By: Rachel Laura M
November 14, 2016

The US Presidential Election, which took place on November 8 th , 2016 was unprecedented and will likely go down in history as the biggest political upset of all time. Former Secretary of State and First Lady Hilary Rodham Clinton ran against billionaire New York businessman Donald Trump. Polls and news outlets all over the ...

Fortran Subroutines in "Juliar"
By: Rattar
November 13, 2016

A huge part of the Juliar programming language is inspired by Fortran.Why Fortran? Because it was done right! It's one of the oldest languages used today.Fortran has subroutines. So does Juliar. Juliar has a different name for it. It's called a "block." In order to have a high-performance application, it's important that you use block whenever you need to. "Blocking" an application ...

[Video Series] Kali Linux Command Line [PT. 2] - Working with Directories
By: bjacharya
November 13, 2016

[Video Series] Kali Linux Command [PT. 2] - Working with Directories  This module is a brief overview of the most common commands to work with directories: Like pwd, cd, ls, mkdir and rmdir / We will see all commands in Kali Linux terminal pwd - print working directory ...

[Video Series] Kali Linux Command Line For Beginners. PT 1 - Introduction
By: bjacharya
November 12, 2016

Hello Cybrarians, now, this is a new series that I've started. Almost all other OP3N contents of mine are related to Ethical Hacking & Cyber Security. But this is different one. In this Series, I will completely focus on creating "Videos for Kali Linux Commands, and absolutely for beginners. This 'Intro' video outlines the importance of ...

Basic Password Protection with: htpasswd & htaccess
By: faildriller
November 11, 2016

Htpasswd makes it easy to add basic password authentication to a web page. This can be useful for providing an extra layer of security or as a temporary measure, but it's not viable for the long term.Here is my solution to this problem. Create The Password File The file should be created within a directory ...

A Primer on Linux File Permissions
By: Divya Lakshmanan
November 10, 2016

Everything in Linux is a file. Access to the files is controlled by assigning permissions on the basis of file owner, a group of users, or all users. Three types of permissions can be assigned to a file - read (r), write (w) and execute (x).To view the permissions for all files in a directory, type the following in terminal: ...

When Lithium Ion Batteries Explode
By: rcubed
November 10, 2016

Exploding lithium ion (Li-ion) batteries in hoverboards made in China last holiday season and more recently, exploding batteries in Samsung’s Galaxy Note 7 phones has raised awareness – and paranoia – over this battery technology. It’s a technology that’s been commercially available for 25 years, so why the rash of explosions all of a sudden? That’s what ...