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Proactively Counter Cyber Attacks and Incidents with Hunt Teaming
By: pankaj1251
June 3, 2016

During the past few years, industry has witnessed a major change in the working environment of users: desktop-centric organizations have evolved to using many more personal, handheld devices. This enhances user mobility and ease of doing business.Related to the increase and variety of devices, industry has encountered various attacks such as APT, DOS/DDOS, data exfiltration, etc. The major compromises were ...

Why Exploit Kits are a Fast-Growing Threat
By: Willian
June 3, 2016

Exploit Kits (EK's) are a serious cyber threat today, estimated to be responsible for the vast percentage of malware infections worldwide. Exploit Kits are currently distributed through both public and underground sources. They appeal to a wide range of audiences, from inexperienced hackers to black hat cybercriminals. They create a fast-growing online threat, which targets holes in ...

7 Effective Ways to Secure Your End Points
By: pankaj1251
June 2, 2016

Gone are the days when organizations thought that if they installed and regularly updated end-user antivirus software, they were secure. Cybercriminals and target attackers always find ways to install Trojans on your network.Recently, in one of the attacks, a cyber espionage group installed a RAT (Remote Access Trojan), which is weaponizing malware that payloads with 0-day exploits. This sort ...

Using Nslookup in Windows to Check DNS Records
By: Alfrick Opidi
June 2, 2016

Nslookup, meaning "name server lookup," is a popular built-in command tool that comes with most versions of the Windows operating system. It's a handy tool you can use to diagnose the DNS infrastructure of the requested domain name.By default, the Nslookup command translates word-based domain names to numerical IP addresses (and vice versa).Other more powerful variants of Nslookup can ...

[podcast] Carbon Black's Ben Johnson: EDR and threat intel
By: BrBr
June 1, 2016

 [embed]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I10R3BeGDs4[/embed]Ben Johnson (@chicagoben on Twitter) has spent a good deal of time working on protecting client's endpoints. From his work at the NSA, to being the co-founder of Carbon Black (@carbonblack_inc). Ben is co-founder and chief security strategist for Carbon Black. In that role, he uses his experience as a cofounder and chief technology officer for Carbon Black, which merged ...

"Done for You" - List of Malware Training Videos
By: ginasilvertree
June 1, 2016

Here's a "done for you" list of Cybrary's Malware Training Videos. Enjoy! Incident responders (or Malware Analysts) perform appropriate malware analysis in order to fix the current infections and prevent future ones. Malware Analysis Introduction (Part 1 )Length: 23:33 Malware Analysis Introduction (Part 2 )Length: 09:48 Malware Analysis Introduction (Part 3 )Length: 08:07 Malware Analysis Lab Setup (Part 1 )Length: ...

Q and A: What You Don't Know About VPN's
By: usman47
June 1, 2016

Hello Awesome Geeks on Cybrary.it!Today, I'm going to write about VPN's as part of my series on different security services including Proxies , VPN's and TOR.You guys can read my previous article, What They Never Told You About Proxies to know my views on proxies and more.I'll try to write this article in non-geeky vocabulary (again), so that ...

Powershell Empire Stagers 1: Phishing with an Office Macro and Evading AVs
By: Z33MAX
May 31, 2016

  Welcome Cybrarians, Phishing is one of the important things that attackers carefully plan for - compromising one device on the network can help attack the whole connected network. It's also stealthy way of gathering more information about certain users or companies As you know, they are many ways of ...

CISCO ASA Firewall Commands Cheat Sheet [Part 5-A]
By: Motasem
May 30, 2016

This part is divided into two sections: A an B. This part is the most important part, regarding packet inspection and filtering. Section A will explain and list commands used to configure inspection for packets belonging to the OSI 3-4 layer. Defining a Service Policy, Policy Map and Class Map           ...

Sunday's Cyber Security Fact: Startling Belief (May 29, 2016)
By: ginasilvertree
May 29, 2016

Despite almost daily reports revealing the contrary, 44% of organizations still believe they can keep attackers off their network entirely. - CyberArk's 2015 Global Advanced Threat Landscape Survey