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91 Abbreviations Every H@cker Should Know
By: Cyber Tiger
March 21, 2016

AP = Access Point 2. API = Application Programming Interfaces 3. APK = Android Package Kit 4. ATA = Advanced Technology Attachment 5. ATM= Automatic Teller Machine 6. BASIC = Beginners All Purpose Symbolic Instruction Code 7. BIOS = Basic Input Output System 8. CAPTCHA = Completely Automated Public Turing ...

Part 4: Create a Complete Virtual Environment for Penetration Testing
By: Z33MAX
March 21, 2016

Hello, Cybrarian community, In Part 2 , we learned how to install Windows Server and connect it to Pfsense. In this tutorial, we're going to learn how to create linked clones for Windows Server 2012. Tutorial Requirements: VirtualBox Windows Server R 2012 virtual machine ...

Part 3: Create a Complete Virtual Environment for Penetration Testing
By: Z33MAX
March 18, 2016

Install Mac OS X (Yosemite) Hello, fellow Cybrarians: Thank you for your supportive comments and positive feedback. It encouraged me to do more tutorials to benefit this great Community. Today, we're going to setup a Mac OS X virtual machine and connect to the Pfsense.   Tutorial Requirements: ...

Ransomware - Decryption Keys Released!
By: xyra
March 17, 2016

Ransomware causes many sleepless nights to companies world-wide, but now decryption codes have risen on the internet to put an end to the nightmare of many versions of malware.I'll show you where to find the keys to decrypt your data!The toolkit  EDA2  was originally created to demonstrate how ransomware works. When creating common ransomware, such as some versions of ...

IP Addressing (with IP - Internet Protocol)
By: Antr4ck
March 17, 2016

IP Addresses An IP address (with IP for Internet Protocol) is the number that identifies each computer connected to the Internet, or more generally and specifically, the network interface of any computer hardware (router, printer) connected to a computer network using the Internet Protocol. There are IP version 4 and version 6. In 2007, version 4 is the ...

Downloading APKs from Google PlayStore!
By: Ameer Shaikh
March 16, 2016

Hi there, fellow Cybrarians,Today's topic is about downloading APKs from PlayStore. You might have problems downloading the application from PlayStore or you might have disabled PlayStore all together (as I did).Here are the steps: Search the app's name on google.com. You will find the playstore link in the search results, starting with "play.google.com/abcd" ...

Freeware: Magical Jellybean Software Key Retrieval Tool
By: Phr33fall
March 16, 2016

Following the positive comments on my last post about HBCD , I thought I'd share another useful freeware tool - Magical Jelly Bean (MJB).MJB is ideal for when you're trying to recover your (or a customer's) Windows license key from an OS because it's been misplaced.Not only does it recover Window OS keys, it ...

CCNA - ICND1-002
By: layman
March 15, 2016

In this lesson, we're going to learn some networking theory.In the early days of networking, there was a big problem considering standards. There were none. That’s why Apple computers talked to Apple computers, IBM machines to IBM machines, but there was no universally accepted standard that could define the communication.The problem was solved though, with the Open Systems ...

Part 2: Create a Complete Virtual Environment for Penetration Testing
By: Z33MAX
March 15, 2016

Install Windows Server 2012 on Virtual Box   Hello, everyone. In this tutorial we'll go through the steps of installing Windows 2012 server on virtualbox and connect it to Pfsense. Tutorial Requirements: Virtualbox Windows Server R 2012  ISO ...

Hector Monsegur, on being a reformed "Black Hat"
By: BrBr
March 14, 2016

Hector Monsegur has had a colorful history. A reformed black hat who went by the name 'Sabu' when he was involved in the hacker collectives "Lulzsec" and "Anonymous", he turned state's evidence for the FBI, working to stop further hacking attempts by the same people he was previously working with. This week, we got to sit down with Hector, ...