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Cybercrime and the Gaming Industry
By: rcubed
October 13, 2016

Groups with ominous-sounding names such as Lizard Squad, Team Poison, and the Armada Collective are making a virtual killing from cybercrime. But the attack surfaces they target aren’t what you may have come to expect. Rather than going after financial and banking platforms where more challenging safeguards and harsher penalties are in place, these enterprising cybercriminals are ...

Key Management and its Relationship to Cryptography: SDA
By: iheonufrank
October 13, 2016

Key Management and Relationship to Cryptography: Part I | SDA I learned a lot from the Cryptography course so I decided to share with other Cybrary users how it relates to my field in the payment industry using ICCs (Integrated Circuit Cards). SDA stands ...

A Mathematical Introduction to Logic: How Logic Provides a Foundation for Hacking
By: ProgrammerE
October 13, 2016

Like any other profession, hacking has both practical and theoretical applications. Most of the Open topics deal with the practical side of hacking, so I thought I could help balance that a little by talking about the theoretical side of hacking.I am going to vastly simplify the material in my third year mathematics course "A mathematical introduction to logic" ...

Practical Web Application Penetration Testing Series - Chapter 3b
By: Babak Esmaeili
October 12, 2016

Chapter 3b Hello cybrarians In the last chapter, we set up plugins needed for burp suite. Now we are going to start scanning https://testphp.acunetix.com/ with burp suite. Run burp scanner and set the browser proxy to it. Then, in the URL, ...

The Dirt On Password Cracking
By: cybersync
October 12, 2016

  Where to start?  I read an open topic where the author stated that by making their password longer they made it un-crackable. (In our lifetimes) Now in a perfect world, this is true. However, Cryptography is not perfect. I'll give you a brief rundown on how this works most the time.Server (or Program) asks for a password. You give your ...

Protect Yourself from Prying Eyes - Encryption
By: Falcon
October 12, 2016

Encryption is the process converting your data from human readable form to a more complex form which is very difficult to read.Encryption of the data helps us to keep our personal or confidential data intact without worrying about getting it into unauthorized hands. It fulfills all the points of the CIA triad (Confidentiality, Integrity, and Availability).We have both Hardware and ...

Quickly Reverse Engineer an APK File
By: MohammadYahya
October 12, 2016

Have you ever given any thought as to how your Android Application works?  Required: Installed java in your system apktool dex2jar jd-gui   Download all from here  Step 1: -Change extension of apk to zip Step 2: -Open that zip and copy classes.dex in dex2jar folder-Open CMD ...

Creating a Desktop App Blocker Simple Guide in Juliar
By: Rattar
October 12, 2016

Hey guys,Today we will be building a simple Desktop App Blocker. This will work on any operating system: Windows, Mac, Linux/Unix.  It is not necessary to use a specific operating system. That is a beauty of Juliar.  It is the same Juliar script  which will work on any operating system. An Android version of Juliar is coming soon so you will be ...

Cybersecurity Excellence Awards 2017
By: rcubed
October 11, 2016

Cast your vote for the 2017 Cybersecurity Excellence Awards, here! The need to increase awareness around the importance of cybersecurity is being championed by an increasing number of organizations and among them is the Department of Homeland Security (DHS).They have even designated the month of October as National Cyber Security ...

SQL Injection Lab Part 4 – Using SqlMap to Obtain Current User and Database
By: bjacharya
October 11, 2016

Welcome back Cybrarians ! Section 10: Using SqlMap to Obtain Current User and Database  Verify sqlmap.py exists Instructions: cd /pentest/database/sqlmap ls -l sqlmap.py Obtain Database User For DVWA Notes(FYI): ...