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What is the Role of a White Hat Hacker?
By: Alfie
February 8, 2017

Breaches. Breaches. In the past two years, we have read, witnessed or even been affected by attacks even on some fortune 500 companies. The attacks have become sophisticated, notorious and devastating. This calls for advanced blue team efforts which should be focused and relentless. For all we know, the attacker is always ahead.Most companies I have interactions with have ...

Why I Started a Cyber Security Internship Program
By: pweithers
February 8, 2017

One of my challenges during my tenure in college was the discovery of new and creative ways to make learning and retention easier for myself. I made note of the positive effects of activities which created reinforcement, and a sense of confidence over the subject matter. Eventually, I observed that hands-on interaction during events such ...

Incytes: Micro Certifications by the Numbers
By: Olivia
February 7, 2017

     *Data as of 2/7/17 Data is a beautiful thing. In many ways, it's almost artistic because it can help us paint a picture of abstract concepts. You may have questions about Cybrary Micro Certifications, 'who's taking them and what do they certify?' We hope this info graph can provide ...

Tax Refund Scams: Benefits to filing early and often
By: rcubed
February 7, 2017

The two constants of the universe are death and taxes, however, advancements in life extension and anti-aging research threaten to up end the former. Taxes are eternal and in some cases, literally. Estates and heirs are often hounded by the IRS for the tax obligations of the deceased. In the event that death is eventually knocked from ...

CTF Insomnihacking Teaser 2017 Challenge Write-up
By: Motasem
February 7, 2017

This challenge requires skills both in exploit development, reverse engineering and writing scripts using python. In this challenge we got a file named“baby-6971f0aeb454444a72cb5b7ac92524cd945812c2.tgz”After extracting this file we’ll be presented with two files; “baby” and “libc.so”. Our targeted file that we’re required to exploit is “baby”. As we get used to doing when analyzing and reversing binaries and files especially ...

HIPAA Covered Entities are Still on their Heels.
By: mkuntz2
February 7, 2017

  Estimated reading time: 2 minutes The Healthcare industry in the US as a whole is still on its heels when reacting to cyber security issues and the lack of industry standardization is not helping business decision makers manage this aspect of their business. A lack of industry standardization ...

5 Ways Virtual Reality is Impacting Your Life
By: GWCitroner
February 6, 2017

Virtual reality has come a long way from the first primitive 3D viewers .  This technology is now poised to change the way we learn, communicate, travel, and receive medical care.Here are 5 big ways virtual reality is enriching our lives. Education  The world is your classroom when you use virtual reality; why look at ...

Tutorial: Domain Password Auditing
By: FelixTrips
February 6, 2017

Estimated reading time: 3 minutes Summary: This tutorial is for password auditing of network credentials within your domain. We will use Kali Linux along with some open source software to validate your password policies. As always make sure you have permission to perform this audit at the least every everyone should check to verify that people using ...

"Apple" Phishing Email
By: Fearghal
February 5, 2017

Estimated reading time: 2 minutes Something interesting you might not know is "Apple's" phishing email. There are a number of different emails claiming to be from Apple being sent to people. Let's say that someone signed into your iCloud or Facetime account and gave you a link to follow. ...

Android Development - These are the droids you're looking for ...
By: Rachel Laura M
February 5, 2017

Android is the Google platform billions of people use on their smartphones.  The origins of Android began in 2006, around the same time that Apple denied it was creating the now ever-popular iPhone. Compact laptops were the hot new item and the tablets of the day looked like a laptop sans keyboard. The smartphones back then were Blackberries and ...