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How to Create a Mobile Pentesting Environment
September 28, 2016

Smartphone users are exposed to numerous threats after they use their phone. These threats can disrupt the operation of the smartphone, and transmit or modify user information. For these reasons, the applications deployed there must guarantee privacy and integrity of the data they handle. Mobile security involves protecting each personal and business data keep on and ...

Basic DHCP Configuration
By: cybern4
September 28, 2016

DHCP is the dominant way of providing end user devices with the information required to connect to your network.In small or midsize environments DHCP is usually provided through the ISR Router. Steps needed to deploy DHCP   Define which addresses are going to be excluded.  Statically configure addresses on Servers ...

Do You Use Password Haystacking?
By: Jennifer
September 27, 2016

How can we make passwords memorable AND uncrackable, it is password haystacking. You know the phrase it’s like trying to find a needle in a haystack; well the same method applies by hiding your password with a prefix and suffix pattern.  We know length is the most important ...

Using FTK Imager on CLI – Challenging new disks technologies
By: andresBello
September 27, 2016

Hi Cybrarians. Day by day, the profession of digital forensics implies a challenge about changes of technologies, here I’m going to explain how to acquire a forensic image using FTK Imager in command line interface (CLI) and Linux. Traditional procedure The way to get ...

Prep Guide for Offsec's PWK/OSCP
By: Tulpa
September 26, 2016

Hello everyone!They say you should write what you want to read. Before starting my ‘Penetration Testing with Kali Linux’ training course, I wish I could have read a how-to-prep guide. The course does a wonderful job at getting you ready for the exam, but I feel that I could have better utilized my lab time if I had a better foundation of knowledge ...

End User Awareness: Ransomware
By: prezzio
September 24, 2016

Users are receiving increasing numbers of  phishing emails  containing  ransomware , both at home and at work. Some users can accidentally activate the virus and as a consequence, their colleagues at work might be seriously impacted. This short communication will teach your users what ransomware is and how to defend yourself. Please read it carefully.  Ransomware  is a type of computer ...

Hacker vs. Cracker – Do You Know The Difference?
By: Jennifer
September 23, 2016

The term hacker has been misunderstood, misused and represented in the press as a malicious person.  The mainstream media uses these terms interchangeably, and this has led to confusion when communicating to others about security issues and techniques.  Unfortunately the misunderstanding and use of the terms in the press  has this  misconception implanted in the minds around the globe, ...

Using VLAN Maps
By: cybern4
September 23, 2016

VLAN Maps are used to filter or redirect traffic in a VLAN, giving you more granular control over the traffic.   Steps to Configuring a VLAN Map   Determine what you want to accomplish : It is vital to know what you want to achieve prior the configuration. This will save you lots ...

Hiding in Plain Sight - The Art of Steganography
By: RoninSmurf
September 22, 2016

In this article we are going to look at steganography, or how we can hide common notes and files into images and audio files. Steganography is a fascinating topic and tool that can be used and studied for various reasons. Using these tools are incredibly easy, and this guide is intended to help introduce people to steganography. ...

State of the Art Wi-Fi Security
By: siva
September 22, 2016

Wifi is everywhere these days. From homes to large enterprise corporate networks, wifi is quick and easy to install, easy for employees to use, and more constantly supported on mobile. However, the greater availability of Wifi means increased danger from attacks, and increased challenges to an organization, and IT security professionals. The main ...