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[PODCAST] Update for our fans & monthly puzzle
By: CyDefe
January 5, 2017

Hey hey everyone it's been some time since our last post on here and since then we've had a few new episodes come out. Check out the links below to listen to our latest content. We streamed our last podcast recording live at https://www.twitch.tv/cydefe and we will continue to stream all of our podcasts live. If you ...

Tips for using Google like a Ninja
By: rcubed
January 5, 2017

[caption id="attachment_82714" align="alignleft" width="200"] (Google Logo by Google Inc. (google.com) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons.) -[/caption]This is the second in a series of posts on the topic of how to be an educated consumer of online information. Most online information searches begin with Google, so it only makes sense to kick off the in-depth portion ...

The Reality of Hacking
By: Nightfall
January 5, 2017

When we hear the word hacking, we see it as gaining an unauthorized access to the system and having a control over it. Normally, we think that the “system” I mentioned was just all about computers.  But it is wrong, hacking is not limited just to computer stuff.  Many beginners who wanted to learn how to ...

Advancements in Modern Vehicle Theft
By: ADM01
January 5, 2017

Your computer environment is safe;  but is your vehicle still in the driveway? You may need to check. Having worked in the automotive security industry, and witnessing the rise of talks emerging at DefCon now covering vehicle data adaptation, now is the time to get forewarned about vehicle security. You know what they say, to be forewarned is to ...

Don’t Wear your Data on your Sleeve: Why You Should Be Wary of Fitness Trackers from a Security Standpoint
By: Olivia
January 4, 2017

Recently, I was reading a blog post about all the hot Christmas gifts for 2016 and their inherent vulnerabilities. Of course, there were the usual suspects like computers and mobile devices, but more IoT devices crept onto the list, including smart holiday lights that can be turned on and off via an app. Also included in the list, fitness trackers. ...

A New IT Tool - Juliar Security Toolkit - Encryption (Part 1)
By: Rattar
January 4, 2017

Hey Guys,I have gotten responses that you guys wanted a tool that is as advanced as Juliar but had the GUI and ease of use of RatTeam Toolkit. So for every security expert, I've decided to combine both tools into one.Introducing Juliar Security Toolkit: It's a simple tool that features everything from RatTeam Toolkit as well as other Juliar stuff.Today, ...

Top Tips for being an Educated Consumer of Online Information
By: Tatianna
January 3, 2017

[caption id="attachment_157197" align="alignright" width="329"] Part of Cybrary's personal office library.[/caption] Updated August 2018 As we enter a brand new year filled with both hope and more than a fair degree of trepidation,   As always, there are points in time where it's worth taking a moment to review how to be wise consumers of online ...

Juliar - A Tool for 2017
By: Rattar
January 3, 2017

Juliar  a now refined tool is a must-have companion for Hackers, Security Specialist, and IT. With an ever growing private modules, and ability to load almost any module written in any language using Juliar Universal Module Loader makes the language unique and easily customizable.Write a security program once in Juliar, and it will run on every device! That’s ...

Introduction to Graph Theory
By: ProgrammerE
January 2, 2017

A company hires you to cut costs on their infrastructure. This requires you to know what devices are part of their infrastructure. From there, you determine where the new fiber optic cable should be installed to maximize the benefit to the organization. Finally, you discover that a router is underutilized, and recommend reconfiguring some of the users ...

How to Get Unlimited Free Xfinity WiFi Trials
By: bigcode1991
January 2, 2017

Today I'm going to describe the tool's and methods to use any Xfinity wifi for free.  * Please note that this is intended for educational purposes. *Programs Required:TMAC    https://technitium.com/tmac/ First, go to the website above and download the proper one for your os and arch type.Once it is downloaded, open the program. A list of networks will ...