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Cloud+ Outline - Module 3
By: cdoyle
April 15, 2017

Module 3: Network Structure and Configuration Unit Overview Network TopologiesNetwork TypesNetwork OptimizationNetwork Ports and ProtocolsRouting and Switching  Network Topologies Bus TopologyRing TopologyMesh TopologyStar TopologyTree Topology Multiple LANs make a WAN Bus Topology Connected in line – any break in line, the network goes down. Must be terminated on ends.  Ring Topology ...

Promoting Data Security in the Workplace [InfoGraphic]
April 15, 2017

  No matter the workplace, data security is a top concern for management professionals. Security breaches can end up threatening the livelihood of employees and entire companies alike, depending on how severe they are. There are solutions available to many common professional data security problems. However, understanding the surrounding statistics is often the first step.  Take a look at the ...

UNM4SK3D: CIA, Dallas, and NASA
By: Olivia
April 14, 2017

#wikileaks (but wait, there's more). At this point, the leaks have become a flood. And speculation is drowning us. This week, Symantec Security researchers have confirmed that the alleged CIA hacking tools exposed by WikiLeaks have been used against at least 40 governments and private organizations across 16 countries, and seem to reflect those ...

Cloud+ Outline - Module 2
By: cdoyle
April 14, 2017

Module 2: Storage Device Configuration Part 1 Unit Overview  Storage Types and Configuration Tiering Redundant Array of Independent DIsks (RAID) File System Types Disk Types and Configurations Removable Media - 1 Interface Type Access Speed ...

Phishing Wifi-Passwords & Facebook Credentials with Wifiphisher
By: PrettyPay
April 14, 2017

Wifiphisher is a tool that I love using on a daily basis. It's simple, easy and great for beginners and professionals. WHAT YOU NEED: Laptop with onboard or additional Wifi-Adapter 2x Wifi-Adapters (recommended) Targets (optional)  I had to buy myself an additional Wifi-Adapter to the ...

Hacking for Mischief, Mayhem and Pranking
By: rcubed
April 13, 2017

Last weekend in Dallas the evening calm was shattered by the wail of 156 tornado warning sirens sounding at once. Attempts to turn off individual sirens failed and after 95 minutes of the din, officials mercifully shut down the entire system in a final, desperate act of frustration. A search for a direction in which to point the finger ...

Cloud+ Outline - Module 1
By: cdoyle
April 13, 2017

Cloud+ Module 1: Cloud + Network Storage Types and Configuration Unit Overview Network and Direct Storage Types Accesses and Protocol Storage Preparation and Accessing Network and Direct Storage Types Network Attached Storage - NAS ...

Knowing Your SSL/TLS
By: H5p
April 13, 2017

One thing I have noticed during testing is that there are a number of vulnerabilities that occur as a result of TLS version and cipher suite used. So, I have added a few new tricks in my arsenal to hunt for SSL/TLS that are being used.We will discuss both of the following, one by one - ...

Back to Basics - System Hygiene
By: hemangsoni
April 13, 2017

Back to Basics, Information Security: Today we all are running good so far with old and new security products to give us secure environments. However, we are dying in our knowledge of basics. What do we mean by "basics of information security"? The basics are nothing but hygiene. Similar to how we keep good hygiene at our house, work ...

How to Make a Multiboot USB with All the Tools You Need
By: Breaking Be@ker
April 12, 2017

Just like with any job there are tools, in the IT community there are millions of tools. Finding the tool that is most affordable and most efficient is important to make the life of any IT worker's life easy. But once you find the tools that make your life easier where do they go? Usually (at least for me) ...