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30-Day Strategy for CISA Success
By: Hemang Doshi
April 20, 2017

What is the 30-day strategy for CISA success? We have specifically designed 30 question banks for each day with details as follow: (1)All questions have been designed considering CISA exam pattern. (2)From day 1 to day 10, each day contains 10 questions. From day 11 to day ...

Cloud+ Outline - Modules 5 and 6
By: cdoyle
April 19, 2017

Module 5: Virtualization Setup Unit Overview   Hypervisor Type 1 vs Type 2 Type 1 Loaded as a core Virtual machines loaded on bare metal  Type 2 Operating system installed then VM loaded on OS Both are controlled with ...

Teaching Kids about Cybersecurity: it’s never too early
By: rcubed
April 18, 2017

Children are taught from an early age about the many things in the world that can harm them. Even in a toddler’s narrow world, there are plenty of potential hazards lurking around almost every corner. With growing autonomy, children are then warned about an expanded set of dangers. These range from the dangers of talking to strangers, the need ...

Banner Grabbing with TELNET
By: lscianni
April 18, 2017

Banner Grabbing with TELNET Why use TELNET? With tools like Nmap and Metasploit available you're probably asking, "Why would I need to know how to use telnet?" While true, there are many tools that can be used to gather this information from services that are willing to dish it out, TELNET is available on Linux, Mac OS X, and Windows operating systems; ...

The Basics of the Check_MK Monitoring System
By: Tamas Szucs
April 18, 2017

Description of the system The Check_MK is an open source based monitoring system . It fits almost any infrastructure. Basic eleme n t the Nagios and WATO GUI , and includes ...

Cyber Feminist Hacker and New Course Contributor: Magda Lilia CHELLY
By: Olivia
April 17, 2017

Cyber feminism, used to describe the philosophies of a contemporary feminist community whose interests are cyberspace, the Internet and technology, is most likely not a term you’ve heard too often, but it’s gaining traction thanks to women in cyber like Magda Lilia CHELLY ( @responsiblecyber ). Magda, who describes herself as the Managing Director of Responsible Cyber Pte. ...

Using Juliar to Create "Hello World"
By: Rattar
April 17, 2017

Hello Cybrarian Fans,Welcome to the latest tutorial of the Juliar Programming Language.As you know, Juliar has undergone some major changes internally and externally to mainstream the development process.As you may also know, Juliar continues to focus on security and security building applications.So, let's get started. You need to download the latest Juliar version found at https://www.juliar.org/downloads.php ...

How Important is the CEH Certification for an IT Organization?
By: priyajatoliya
April 17, 2017

Hackers are innovators, constantly finding new ways to attack information systems and exploit system vulnerabilities. Savvy organizations proactively protect their data systems by engaging the services and expertise of IT experts skilled in beating hackers at their own game (often called "white hat hackers"). Such experts use the same techniques and skills hackers use to identify system vulnerabilities and ...

Every Hacker's Dream: The Pwn Phone
By: bachan
April 16, 2017

Hello, Cybrarians! I hope you are enjoying my posts and supporting Cybrary so they stay No. 1. This time I am going to tell you something very, very interesting. If you read my article on RUDY and are still really inquisitive about cyber security and attacks, then you may be familiar with Mr. Robot. In this show, ...

Cloud+ Outline - Module 4
By: cdoyle
April 16, 2017

Module 4: Cloud Uses and Implementation Cloud Service Models Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) Platform as a Service (PaaS) Software as a Service (SaaS) Database as a Service (DBaas) Communications as a Service (CaaS) Business Process ...