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I am "NOT" a Robot ... Using Juliar
By: Rattar
April 26, 2017

Hello Cybrarians and RatTeam-sters,Recently, I've been experimenting with Juliar Hallucinogen module for Juliar to break Google's I am not a robot CAPTCHA.  Juliar HTTP API was used for this experiment.For this experiment, I created a simple registration page with google's captcha. When you click on Google's captcha I am not a robot...there is a chance that you will ...

PowerShell Obfuskation Techniques & How to Detect Them
By: Jinx
April 26, 2017

Introduction: Invoke-Obfuscation is a code obfuscating Framework built on PowerShell by Daniel Bohannon.Attackers are using more and more powerful techniques to obfuscate their scripts and codes. PowerShell script is one such particular way of attack which is very dangerous if used due to few reasons Most of the internet population is on Windows. ...

SQL Injections – Part 1
By: Hari Charan
April 25, 2017

Though there are many vulnerabilities,  SQL injection (SQLi)  has its own significance. This is the most prevalent and most dangerous of web application vulnerabilities. Having this SQLi vulnerability in the application, an attacker may cause severe damage such as bypassing logins, retrieving sensitive information, modifying, and deleting data. Sometimes this costs life when it comes to ...

Foundational Cisco Commands and Tips
By: Tamas Szucs
April 25, 2017

Console settings Protocol: Serial Port: COMx Baud rate: 9600 Flow control: RTS/CTS Basic commands User mode enable Privileged mode configure terminal HW properties show inventory raw HW summary information show inventory oid ...

Pentest WPA / WPA2 Encryption with Kali
By: Klimdy
April 24, 2017

Pentest WPA / WPA2 Encryption with Kali Hello and welcome to this tutorial! Please note: All tests were carried out on the MacBook Air with installed Kali Linux and Wi-Fi Adapter TP-LINK TL-WN722N. Step 1: ...

Non-Repudiation and Irrevocability
By: bytezealot
April 22, 2017

Definitions of the pertinent concepts used in this article: Authenticity : Property that ensures that an identity of a subject or resource is, in fact, the real identity claimed. It applies to individuals (users), but also to other entity (applications, processes, systems, etc.). Integrity: Methods of ensuring that data is real, accurate, consistent ...

Cloud+ Outline - Module 10
By: cdoyle
April 22, 2017

Module 10: Security and Recovery Access ControlAuthentication Something you know Something you have Something you are Single Sign-On Allows a shared login to many networks Federation Uses SSO to allow users or devices to other network resources ...

UNM4SK3D: InterContinental Hotels, Bose, and Ransomware
By: Olivia
April 21, 2017

#hacked Nelly might regret staying at the Holiday Inn, and you might too. This week, InterContinental Hotels Group (IHG), owners of Holiday Inn and Crowne Plaza, have notified the public of malware found on payment card systems at 1,174 franchise hotels in the United States. This is the second breach ...

Instalando e Fixando audio no Kali Linux
By: Joelson
April 21, 2017

English translation below- Instalando e Fixando o som do Kali Linux – PULSEAUDIODepois de tentar todos os métodos do youtube, descobri que os drivers de áudio do kali não são reconhecidos por minha placa mãe. Então vou mostrar como resolvi.1. Primeiro temos que saber se seu driver de som esta instalado. a. Vá em configuração, sons, e olhe ...

Cloud+ Outline - Modules 7, 8 and 9
By: cdoyle
April 21, 2017

Module 7: Allocation and Optimizing Unit Overview VM and Host Resource Allocation Resources Memory CPU Disk Space Quotas Quotas are the total amount of resources that a Vm can use Hard – maximum amount of resources ...