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Get to Know Your Instructor: Trent Darrow

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April 4, 2019


Fun Facts About Trent:

  • What courses do you teach?GNS3 and CCNA ICND1
  • What is an interesting fact about you?I enjoy rocking out to metal music and driving my Focus ST around (not fast...)
  • Your favorite food?Bacon-wrapped Venison backstraps on the grill
  • Can we connect with you on social?LinkedIn:

The Q & A

Tell us about yourself

"I have always had a love for IT and technology. I grew up ripping apart computers with my twin and putting them together with different parts to make a better computer, which sometimes broke it (before I knew things). I started as helpdesk like almost everyone in this field and am trying to advance my skills, teach others to do the same and hope they can share my love and enthusiasm for learning to break things safely. On the military side, I started as Infantry and moved into Rocket Field Artillery. Currently, I work with the Defensive Cyber Element and the Cyber Protection Team in a few capacities. In my little bit of spare time I get, I like working with Raspberry Pi’s and building my own home automation. The next goal for me is either the CCDA, CySA+ or the PenTest+ certification. Lastly, I like to pretend like I know things when I get on HackTheBox."

What brought you to teaching on Cybrary:

"I wanted to provide an opportunity to help spread some knowledge about the true basics of Cyber Security and Networking. I want to help others gain that initial entry knowledge to get the “itch” to continue learning in this field. When I first started learning, I didn’t have the internet more than dial-up and some outdated books at my school so that is why I started out by ripping apart PC’s and electronics. Let me tell you, trying to load a youtube video on 56k was a lengthy process and I didn’t have the patience for that. We really didn’t have much for free learning platforms either besides some basic Youtube teardown videos so I greatly enjoy being apart of an organization that allows for free viewing of the video content for everyone who can access the web. It is great for the industry as we can get more knowledgeable employees and entry-level workers who will continue to progress. The mentorship that Cybrary can provide its viewers is amazing as well because it can be a daunting task to determine where to get started in this field as there is a plethora of certifications and technologies. Lastly, the sweatshirt I received was the 'icing on the cake' to become an Instructor for Cybrary."

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Tell us a little bit about your course:

"This course introduces how to build a basic network with the Graphical Network Simulator 3 or GNS3. We will build a few different types of Cisco-based networks for those in prep for their CCNA exams. This course can also be used for those who previously wanted to use GNS3 for network simulations but had troubles getting it to work right. We will work through some common configurations and troubleshoot a few issues that I encountered while building the course. This course will prepare someone to create a virtual network for testing different simulations can be used to assist them in studying for certifications.My other course, CCNA ICND1, will prepare you for the ICND1 exam. This exam will grant you the Cisco Certified Entry Networking Technician or CCENT certification. This is the first of two exams that are required for the Cisco Certified Networking Associate or CCNA certification. There is also an option to take both exams at the same time as one exam. This course will explore topics from the different Switching Configuration options and protocols for ICND1 as well as some basic Routing topics. We will go over topics that will hopefully be easy after the course such as subnetting, binary and IP version 6. This course will have episodes in each lesson which are the 'umbrella' of a module. Some of the modules will have a lab portion at the end of it. In the lab, I will give you a topology and some instructions that pertain to that module’s lessons. I’ll allow you to pause the video and then we will do a lab walkthrough and go through any issues that may arise. It is highly advised to have some sort of lab environment for this course such as a GNS3 setup, live home lab equipment or even the Cisco Packet Tracer simulator. Lastly, I hope you enjoy this course and have fun with it."

Your Experience in Cyber Security:

"I have just finished my Bachelor’s of Science in IT Security from WGU not too long ago. In the last three years, I was able to get my CompTIA: A+, Network+, Security+, Linux+, Project+ and get my CCNA Routing and Switching and the CCNA - Security. My other Cyber Security experience stems from self-learning, which yes includes Cybrary, googling and my time with the Cyber Team with the National Guard and the different events I have done with them. I am always trying to learn more, if you are curious about what I’m working on when you read this, please go ahead and ask me, I’ll be glad to share."

Interests in Cyber Security:

"My interests in Cyber Security mainly persist in red-teaming/pen-testing. I like breaking into stuff. I like to think of it like the cool kids club even though the real rock stars are the people working the firewalls and doing the actual backend work, testing code and ensuring databases are secure. Also, I have a high fascination with social engineering. I think it is pretty cool to essentially persuade people to break the rules just because of how you presented yourself and how you spoke."

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A Preview to "CCNA ICND1"

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