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Self Development in Cybersecurity

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By: Tatianna

March 23, 2019

Seeking Work in Cybersecurity

Self-development is a crucial component of the careers of many cybersecurity professionals. For many, self-development is the beginning and foundation of their careers. Certification courses provide opportunities for professionals to kickstart or advance their career, and many career paths exist for those seeking self-development in cybersecurity. This section will explore the value of self-development in cybersecurity, opportunities for certification and self-development, and career paths for those seeking work in cybersecurity.How valuable is self-development in cybersecurity? Due to the online nature of cybersecurity and hacking enthusiasts, self-development is the first step for many professionals in cybersecurity. This may be taking an online certification course, teaching yourself how to code, or even a personal cybersecurity project. Cybersecurity positions often involve interaction with online platforms, and information and training for these positions is frequently found online. Online certifications provide direct routes for job opportunities in the cybersecurity sector, and they are a popular choice among aspiring cybersecurity workers or those seeking to advance their careers. Formal learning environments exist for many aspects of cybersecurity, Department of Defense certifications in particular, and these are often tied to online courses and learning materials.

Where’s the beef… I mean, training?!

Where can you get the necessary training and expertise to attain certification? Certification exams exist online for many professionals to get the credentials they need to fulfill their position. However, these certifications require knowledge and training to attain. Training modules and education material for certification exams is available for free on Cybrary. While there exists an immense amount of resources for reference and study, there are also training modules that guide you through the exam process and provide hands-on examples for cybersecurity roles. Cybrary Insider Pro is a paid, premium service that pairs you up with mentors in the industry and peers seeking the same goals. Both services can prepare a prospective cybersecurity professional for the many career options in the industry.What career paths exist for cybersecurity professionals? One of the most sought after positions in cybersecurity is that of the penetration tester. Penetration testers are hired to test the security of an organization’s network by attempting to compromise and exfiltrate data. Often times, the only difference between a “hacker” and penetration tester is that the organization requests and compensates the attack along with a compiled report. Network engineers have a more grounded position that requires internally monitoring an organization’s network and implementing security solutions. Deep knowledge of system administration is necessary for network engineers in cybersecurity. Security Operations Center (SOC) Analysts are responsible for monitoring and maintaining spaces dedicated to organizational security. SOCs come equipped with gear for monitoring networks and key points of organizational security. Cybersecurity engineers are responsible for the long-term, technical aspect of managing network security. This may entail the installation and configuration of computer networks within an organization for optimal security, analysis of the network for potential security threats, and responding to security incidents on the network.While it is the key to the careers of many in cybersecurity, self-development not the only way to get proper training for positions in the industry. Online resources and training courses are available for free at Cybrary, and paid services such as Insider Pro provide personalized training and access to a network of mentors and peers. SOC analysts, network engineers, and penetration testing are all paths you can take and fulfill through online training and certification. In the end, these resources are what you make of them, and self-development is the key to success in many careers.TL;DRSelf-development is the self-guided development of career skills, and it is a crucial component of many cybersecurity careers. This section delves into the importance of self-development in cybersecurity, resources available online for self-development in the industry, and the many career paths available in cybersecurity through self-development.
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