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Career Change From Military Logistician to I.T. Specialist - Success Series

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November 5, 2018

Justin B. is an Insider Pro member who chose to make a change in his career path, and made it happen with his own motivation, determination, and ambition.  Here’s his success story, in his own words:

Where to start, it has been a crazy year.

It started back in February when I, unfortunately, ended up needing a life-saving surgery that would end my military career as a logistician in the Army.  After the surgery while recovering and waiting for my eventual retirement from the service, I finished up my bachelor in I.T.  I decided I wanted to try and build a foundation to make a career change.

I stumbled onto Cybrary and joined Insider Pro in February, where I started utilizing their resources with some self-study books.  I ended up getting some exceptional guidance from the Insider Pro mentors on a direction to head in to prepare myself for this career change.  I committed to the SOC Analyst career path program, and ended up earning my [A+](, [Network+](, [Security+](, and recently [SSCP]( 

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I started applying for jobs toward the end of August as I started getting close to my last day in the military.  After a few weeks I got a call from one of the largest global aerospace and defense companies for a I.T. position I had applied for.  The first thing they told me was “you realize that position is journeyman level?”  Then they went on to say, “let me tell you why that does not concern me from what your resume tells me.”  He said the certifications and training I had completed on my own time showed that I was a quick learner, and they were interested.  I answered some questions and at the end, they told me we will discuss your application further amongst ourselves. 

Then almost immediately he said, “our person will call you with an offer tomorrow, “ and I started the job three weeks later.

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