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Securing Social? Cyber-First Strategies to Protecting Your Privacy

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By: Tatianna

April 24, 2018

Cyber Security Strategies to be Social and Secure

During his testimony before the Senate Committee, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg faced many tough questions, one particularly difficult question, “Who owns the virtual you?” made not just the CEO, but also those active on social media, nervous.Facebook users concerned with the breach of privacy by the consulting firm Cambridge-Analytica took to the internet and started following the#DeleteFacebook page. While the page continues to gain support from high profile users including entertainers, entrepreneurs among others, those against the campaign feel quitting Facebook, which has become an integral part of their lives, would neither be easy nor provide a permanent solution to the problem of breach of privacy and trust.From a cyber-security perspective, leaving Facebook will not guarantee the security of about 6.3 billion GB of Personally identifiable information stored online. Especially, with businesses of all sizes reporting incidents of internet security breach for many years now, incidents of data breach neither have started with Facebook nor will end on deleting it. In the year 2013, businesses reported 614 cases of a data breach, and since then the number of such incidents increased exponentially with 1579 cases reported in the year 2017.  A Study conducted by McAfee and the Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS) reveals the annual cost of a data breach to the global economy as US$ 600 billion since 2014.With the threat of data breach increasing and a network security attack identified every week, there is a greater need for both individuals and businesses to have an understanding of the various cyber security strategies available to protect their data. Online Security Basics for IndividualsCybrary, an open-source cyber-security and IT certification preparation platform offers useful tips to help individuals and businesses increase threat awareness and protect their personal and customers data from falling into the hands of hackers.An understanding of Cyber security fundamentals will help individuals navigate the internet safely. You will be able to devise an adequate online privacy and security strategy, understand various security certifications, identify phishing websites, deal with advertisements, transact personal, financial information safely, etc.Knowledge of internet security fundamentals helps you understand the risks when sharing information online, installing apps from reliable sources, granting access to trusted apps for genuine reasons, adjusting privacy settings from time to time, securing devices and accounts with strong passwords, etc.Cyber Security Strategies for BusinessesWith reports of data breach hitting the headlines almost weekly or monthly companies have greater responsibility to protect the integrity, confidentiality of consumer data. Protecting the data not only helps companies gain a competitive edge, but also helps instill consumer trust in the systems, practices, and the people.According to a report by Harvey Nash, only 20% of the companies are confident of thwarting any attacks to hack their network. Lack of time, expertise, and budget are some of the reasons why Businesses fail to implement best online security strategies. Businesses should invest more time and resources in devising a comprehensive cyber security strategy. Let us look at some key areas where organizations need to concentrate on developing strategies against cyber security vulnerability. Network Security: Good network security requires effective steps to deal with threats, both external and internal, that challenge the security and credibility of the organization. Network security is crucial in enhancing the usability and protecting the integrity of networks and data. Devising the appropriate network security helps prevent data leaks, misuse by designing robust Data access policies. A robust network security strategy will help design secure network architecture, safe network communication channels, configure and use threat detection tools, perform data analysis, etc.Cloud Security:  Many organizations consider moving to cloud-based solutions as a perfect way to save costs and secure assets. However, the responsibility of protecting assets in a cloud-based environment rests with the organization and not on cloud solutions provider.  Cybrary estimates that majority of businesses suffer from the shortage of cloud security expertise. Appropriate cloud security strategies help understand the best practices in moving to the cloud, while considering the risks involved in moving to cloud-based solutions, design the perfect infrastructure architecture, application security, and data migration policies.Risk Management: The risk management capabilities of an organization help prove its efficiency, improve credibility and confidence in its systems and practices. As there is an element of risk in every business, risk management strategies help identify risks, devise strategies to prevent or decrease the impact, offer a resolution, when an attack happens and control the damage, restoring assets, data, and winning back customers trust.Software Management: With modern organizations storing humongous volumes of data, implementing software updates without any disruption or loss of data is crucial to the security strategy. Employing secure software development strategies including secure software acquisition, and development of security controls helps create a software security plan. A perfect cyber security strategy requires businesses to continuously and constantly monitor and protect its network, alongside carefully examining security methods and policies of third parties that handle its consumers’ sensitive data on a daily basis
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