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Tradecraft Tuesday - IoT Worm Casestudy

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By: kylehanslovan

May 17, 2016

IoT Worm CasestudyTradecraft TuesdayWhat is Tradecraft Tuesday?Every Tuesday at 12pm ET, Chris Bisnett and Kyle Hanslovan expose the techniques used by hackers. With their 20 combined years in offensive cyber security and digital forensics, Chris and Kyle cover a new topic each week in a LIVE video chat. These unrehearsed conversations allow anyone to join in, ask questions, and share their experiences from offensive and defensive perspectives. Just sign into Blab using your Twitter or Facebook account to start learning! In case you miss an episode, each recorded session are uploaded to Cybrary's new CH4NN3L platform.[content_block bg_image="" max_bg_width="yes" bg_fixed="no" bg_position="center top" bg_repeat="no-repeat" bg_size="auto" parallax_scroll="yes" bg_color="#fff" content_padding="0px 0px 0px 0px" font_color="#333" class="hps1"][two_third]On this week's episode, we're sharing how an exploit for Ubiquiti AirMax devices was converted into a self-spreading worm. Although the patch to address this vulnerability was released nearly a year ago, at least two Wireless Internet Service Providers' (WISP) have confirmed mass infections as the result of running outdated/vulnerable software. During this discussion, we'll walk through the timeline of the vulnerability disclosure, the published proof of concept (PoC) exploit, and tactics and techniques used in the hacker's payload. Lastly, we'll share how this particular vulnerability illustrates how the existing patching process for Internet of Things (IoT) devices creates an ideal breeding group for auto-propagating viruses.[/two_third][one_third_last]File Upload Vulnerability[/one_third_last][/content_block]
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TradecraftTuesday_ChrisChris BisnettChris Bisnett is a veteran information security researcher with more than a decade of experience in offensive and defensive cyber operations. While serving with the NSA RedTeam, he attacked government networks and systems to identify and remedy vulnerabilities. He is also a recognized Black Hat conference trainer and has taught his “Fuzzing For Vulnerabilities” course at several events around the world. Prior to founding Huntress Labs, Mr. Bisnett co-founded LegalConfirm, LLC where he led product design and development until the company was acquired in 2014.TradecraftTuesday_KyleKyle HanslovanFor the past 10 years, Kyle Hanslovan has supported defensive and offensive cyber operations in the U.S. Intelligence Community and currently is the CEO of Huntress Labs. He previously co-founded the defense consulting firm StrategicIO and actively participates in the ethical hacking community as a Black Hat conference trainer, STEM mentor, and Def Con CTF champion. Additionally, he serves in the Maryland Air National Guard as a Cyber Warfare Operator. With his strong background in technical leadership, software development, and malware analysis, Mr. Hanslovan seeks to significantly raise the bar for malicious actors to successfully conduct cyber attacks.
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