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S3SS10N Wednesday - How to Sell Compliance to Management

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By: Tatianna

March 15, 2016

What is S3SS10N Wednesday?

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Instructor -

Joshua MarpetBio: Josh's background is varied across many roles, from Senior InfoSec Analyst, Blacksmith, Information Security Conference Organizer, Law Enforcement, and Firefighter. Josh is currently an SVP of Compliance and Managed Services for CyberGRC, an advisor to multiple cyber security companies, working with economic development and educational organizations for rural areas to bring high tech firms to them. He is also a member of multiple CEO networking groups, and in his spare time, enjoys hiking.Don't forget to comment and up-vote this S3SS10N!Tell us what you think, and share your own knowledge.

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[insert_vertical_space the_pixels="10"]Josh Session Notes[clear][insert_vertical_space the_pixels="20"] Purpose of this Session:This lesson offers an overview of compliance and why it is important. Compliance helps security and is the driving force behind security. However, sometimes it is hard to convince management to invest in proper security measures.Management - Convincing management compliance is in their best interest via utilizing the concept of reducing sales friction, the idea of compliance becomes more attractive to managers. By presenting security as a way to boost sales to existing customers and get more clients, management becomes more open to the concept of investing in strong security measures, which results in compliance. Essentially, compliance boils down to things on a list you check off to make sure they are running correctly and to accomplish this, these tasks actually need to be performed. Implementing these measures can happen in as quickly as two weeks, or take as long as a year. It depends on what is already in place and how open management is. Listen to/Download the MP3 
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