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S3SS10N Wednesday – History of Cyber Security Intelligence

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By: Tatianna

March 8, 2016

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Instructor - George Schu

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[insert_vertical_space the_pixels="10"] Purpose of this Session:This lesson offers a background to the history of cryptology; which is the making and breaking of code. In this lesson, the instructor offers a brief background to cryptology dating 4,000 years ago with the ancient Egyptians and then goes onto the discuss the birth of modern cryptology.Modern Cryptology - Herbert Yardley is considered the Father of Modern Cryptology and he dates back to World War I and he began his efforts after realizing the United States did not have a focuses cryptologic effort, this would surely effect their ability to fight well in the war and persuaded the Army to set up an effort and he was hired by the Army to make this effort permanent and eventually gave way to the Black Chamber, which was credited in 1921 with cracking Japanese code, which was critical for the USA with negotiation with Japan at the end of WWI. Cryptology considered to be used and resulted in tremendous strides in World War II. Cryptology continues to grow and help the USA keep an advantage on the world stage today and is one of the most important aspects of cyber security.Listen to/Download the MP3
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