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Education is Too Limited, but Change is On Its Way

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By: ryan c

February 6, 2015

Hopefully, with the support of our Members, Cybrary can be successful. Why? Because the education system both domestically here in the USA, and internationally, is flawed, badly.Education is far too limited. If one is not born into a family that highly values education, or a situation where they are not given the access that some others have, then one can be left behind very quickly.Here in the United States, students are herded through a standardized educational flow until they complete high school, if they make it that far. After high school, they are mainly left to fend for themselves, and in many cases, they do not have the means to obtain education at the next level that is targeted at what they want to make of themselves. In some cases, they may not know what they want to make of themselves. Education is too costly to try and fail. However, if education were free and openly accessible, then giving a possible career path "a try", would carry no risk, and would have no long term impact on that person's well being. This applies to anyone, at any age.Internationally, too many are faced without an opportunity to learn at all, or in other cases, education is limited to a few years, and then no options are available after that.Another primary flaw in the educational system is the lack of affordable access. I know personally, I am better equipped to learn now, at 34 years old, than I was at 19 when I started undergraduate college. I am better able to focus, I am more driven and I know darn well what I want my life to be, so I can focus my time studying things that directly impact my career. As lives change, people learn more about themselves, and often can make better informed decisions. My point here is, if someone reaches a stage in their life where they know what they want to do with their career, they should be given the access at that time, to learn and educate themselves in that field. Many circumstances prevent that, mainly, the lack of affordability in education.Technology has made the world far more globalized, and it also opens up many opportunities. Fortunately, MOOC's are becoming available, and this is truly a great thing. Free, readily accessible chances or opportunities to learn in a structured and guided manner are becoming available now, to everyone, everywhere. Hopefully we can continue this free learning revolution, because it so clearly opens up the opportunity to develop one's self, at any point in their life. We believe that the opportunity to learn should be granted to everyone, for free, at any time. Whether or not one chooses to take advantage of that opportunity is up to them, but at least the opportunity is there.That is why we are trying to build Cybrary. Thank you, Members, for your support so far. Please continue to help push this initiative forward by spreading the word and engaging on the platform.
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