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 The Liberation of IT & Cyber Security Training Begins

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By: CybrarySupport

January 15, 2015

My Fellow Cybrary Members,We sincerely want to thank you for joining the revolution to liberate IT and cyber security training, for everyone, everywhere. The support you are providing will change the very landscape of the industry forever. I am posting this blog to both thank you, as well as give you some updates and tips about the site.Earning Points To begin, we need your help spreading the word about this revolution to everybody, and you may do so through the member point tool. If you share Cybrary with your friends, you will receive points. The more points you earn, the higher your rank will become on the site. If you reach L33T status you will be able to submit learning material to Cybrary for peer approval. Once you have three pieces approved and listed on the site, you then become a Subject Matter Expert (SME). Becoming a SME will give you a host of benefits on the site.Cool Classes in ProductionWe are currently working on a few classes, that will soon be released on the site. Here are a couple that we think are pretty darn cool:• Social Engineering and ManipulationPython for Security Professionals*Don’t forget: Once you have finished a course, make sure to get the Course Completion Badge which comes with an official Certificate of Completion. This helps support our efforts.Discussion and InteractionIn addition to the learning content, we provide a network where people can follow other members and interact with each other. This interaction is essential in any learning model, and so therefore we invite you to participate on the forums and groups. Discounted CompTIA Exams Being a member of this revolution entitles you to receive discounted CompTIA exam vouchers. Details can be found here: Exam Voucher MarketplaceWe are always trying to improve Cybrary for your benefit. If you have something to tell us or suggest, please do so! Once again, thank you for the support you have shown for this cause so far. Together, we will liberate IT and cyber security learning!Cordially,C
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