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By: ryan c

January 27, 2015

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.” -Nelson MandelaFor too long IT & Cyber Security education has been reserved for those who have the money to pay highly inflated prices. In the growing technological world, the need for that knowledge is at an all-time high. As you know by now, we believe firmly that IT and Cyber Security training, should be free!Cybrary has only been active for a month, and we have already heard from our Members about how free training has changed their lives. Together, through our resources and your participation, we can keep this initiative moving forward. Lets continue to provide everyone in the world, with the opportunity to learn. What one does with the opportunity, should be up to them, but at least the opportunity is there for them to take.Opportunities Granted:We heard from Member @amanangah about his experience taking the Ethical Hacker class. Aman commented, “An IT security professional certificate is too expensive for me, to the point where I can’t afford it. This site is helpful; thank you for the courses.”We started this revolution for Members like @amanangah who couldn’t afford the ridiculous prices of training required to get into the industry. It is nice to know, that we are not alone in this belief. Multiple Members have spoken their support for this cause.Cybrary Member @jslonim said, “I always lived with one principle: all information should be free. The work you do is honestly amazing. I appreciate everything you do for the community and I think you are truly changing the world.”We set out to do one thing: give everyone a chance to learn IT and Cyber Security. If education is a powerful weapon for change then with your help, Cybrary can become a very powerful weapon.Sincerely,C
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