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iOS App Penetration Testing: Cracking SSH Passwords with Hydra
By: Lalitha
May 9, 2017

Hello Guys. This is my first video on Cybrary. It deals with cracking SSH Passwords with Hydra. Yes, I know the video is old (from 2014), but the info is still relevant. If you have any questions, please comment below and I'll answer as soon as possible. Transcript: 0:00 ...

Ultimate USB Rubber Ducky Recon Script
By: D'Angelo Gonzalez
May 9, 2017

This script does a lot but has some impactful key features that are worth reviewing. The Rubber Ducky Recon Script displays the current WiFi Connections credentials by exploiting the [ ]  character in Command Prompt, which acts as "everything". So in this script, we are using the    in  netsh wlan show ...

Use XSSer Automated Framework to Detect, Exploit and Report XSS Vulnerabilities
By: gurubaran
May 9, 2017

XSS is a very commonly exploited vulnerability type which is   very widely spread   and   easily detectable . An  attacker can inject untrusted snippets of JavaScript into your application without validation. This JavaScript is then executed by the victim who is visiting the target site. Cross Site “Scripter” (aka XSSer) ...

Kali Linux For Ethical Hacking 1c - Info Gather with SPARTA Lab [Video Series]
By: bjacharya
May 8, 2017

Ok, welcome back to my new video post on using SPARTA for Information Gathering. This is part 01c and you can find my other 2 parts 01a/01b in OP3N . Basically, the target audience of this video is Kali Linux beginners.In this video, we will see a Python Script build tool in Kali Linux ...

The Line Between Security "Privacy" and Socializing
By: abdallahes
May 8, 2017

A topic that has filled my mind for some time is the fine line that is often crossed between privacy and social information. We have seen the Mr robot series and how he reflected that security researcher or hackers don't have a good social life, and we all see how social apps entered our lives. Now we share everything we ...

The Mediation: An Analytical Perspective Concerning Advantages and Limitations
By: themindandbeauty
May 7, 2017

Definitions and Types: Mediation is considered a unique system referring to a method of resolving disputes among conflicting parties. In general, it is the role of the mediator who is the third party to provide assistance, to the parties involved, in order to negotiate an agreement. Mediation refers to a status in which the mediator, who ...

Web Application Penetration Testing Checklist – A Detailed Cheat Sheet
By: gurubaran
May 6, 2017

  What is Web Application Penetration Testing? Web Application Pen testing is a method of identifying, analyzing and Report the vulnerabilities which exist on the Web application including  buffer overflow, input validation, code Execution, Bypass Authentication, SQL Injection, CSRF, and Cross Site Scripting  (XSS) in the target web Application that is given for Penetration Testing. Repeat ...

UNM4SK3D: Netflix, Ultrasonic Signals, and Google
By: Olivia
May 5, 2017

  #ransomware Hacking group referred to as 'The Dark Overload' took their Netflix addiction to a new level and released 10 of the 13 newest episodes of hit series 'Orange is the New Black' after the company failed to pay the desired ransom. Talk about Netflix and not chill.  The series was set to ...

Cyber-forensics: How the 4th and 5th Amendments "fit in"
By: msab95
May 5, 2017

How Digital Crimes Fit with the Current Legal System Crimes have been evolving throughout our history, as there are new secure ways created to protect the society, the criminals are getting smarter in breaking these new ways. Society till the late 19 th century consisted of all physical items such as paper files, ...

Atom for Elite Coders - Part 1
By: y3bg0l
May 4, 2017

Today I’ll show you how to be more efficient and faster when you want to code. My secret is Atom, an open source text editor, used by the majority of elite coders under the same vim, sublime text etc. Atom has the particularity to contain thousands of packages that will make your job easier. You can download it at, ...