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How to Improve TCP Performance
November 2, 2016

Chapter 1   1.1] Introduction:   This report will focus on the areas of which TCP performance is significantly improved. IETF, RFC, multi-rate networks, wireless networks, TCP/IP, adaptive window, end-to-end performance, TCP improvements with regard ...

ATSCAN: Web Vulnerability Finder
By: bachan
November 1, 2016

Hello Everyone,It's time to scan for web vulnerabilities. As we all know finding vulnerabilities in websites is fun as well as profitable. We can get hall-of-fame notoriety and bug bounties.A tool atscan  is going to help.  A clone is available from GitHub, here .  It is a tool that was written in Perl and developed by Alisam Technology.Alisam ...

Top Skills for Getting Hired in 2016
By: rcubed
November 1, 2016 recently reported a spike in job applications for October 2016. At the same time, they revealed their Top Skills of 2016 , an annual list of skills employers need most. If that weren’t enough, broke things down on a global scale and included top skills across 14 countries. I suppose if you’re so inclined, ...

Linux Webserver Using Lighttpd and Juliar
By: Rattar
October 29, 2016

Recently I got a request to have Juliar run on a Linux Lighttpd Server?You might wonder...why support Lighttpd? There are a few reasons: It's easy to setup and you can set up the whole Juliar server within seconds. Lighttpd allows easy configuration passing and it's super fast. Juliar and ...

Initialize a Cyber Security Career
By: S3nt1n31
October 28, 2016

Introduction                 With the number of cyber-attacks growing worldwide coupled with the adversarial gains in these successes, the need for qualified cyber security professionals will continue to grow. Just recently, on October 21st, 2016,  the Internet experienced a major slow down within the United States due to a DNS Distributed Denial of Service ...

[Product Update] Notecards and New Lesson Pages
October 28, 2016

Introduction Learning is a tricky thing. Research suggests 3 primary learning styles: auditory, visual, and tactile. Each person is different in the way they learn, and each technique offers various suggestions and strategies to optimize the learning experience. The Cybrary Team spent the past few weeks researching these learning styles and found something truly fascinating, all 3 styles ...

Anatomy of a DDoS Attack
By: rcubed
October 28, 2016

Friday morning October 21, 2016 didn’t get off to a good start for me. Shortly before 9 am EDT I was attempting to make an online purchase using PayPal as my payment processor of choice. When I clicked the “Submit” link (the button graphic wasn’t displaying), my browser spun its wheels for a few seconds and then ...

An A-Z Index of the Windows CMD Command Lines
By: fkay2014
October 27, 2016

List was taken from the following website: A: ADDUSERS Add or list users to/from a CSV file ADmodcmd Active Directory Bulk Modify ARP       Address Resolution Protocol ASSOC     Change file extension associations• ASSOCIAT One step file association AT        Schedule ...

KATANA Framework: The Hacker's Choice
By: bachan
October 27, 2016

Hello Cybrarians, Wazzup?! It's time to have some fun with Katana . Katana is a framework written in python for the pentesters, by pentesters. It is a very user-friendly and comprehensive platform. The project is open source. You can even add your own modules and update it, as well as clone it to your machine by following the ...

Self-driving Cars: An Introduction
By: rcubed
October 27, 2016

Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla Motors, recently announced that all the electric cars coming off Tesla’s assembly line will now be equipped to be full-on autonomous. It appears that the quest for truly self-driving cars – ones where you don’t have to sit in the driver’s seat anxiously hovering over the wheel in case human ...