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Fetching a Website Using Juliar
By: Rattar
November 9, 2016

Hey guys,For this tutorial, you will need latest version of Juliar which can be downloaded at  https://www.juliar.org/downloads.ju Although using the import command is great, it lacks one feature: the ability to load a website.Now an old feature has been added back, you can now use fetch to fetch a URL. It's Easy So let's fetch google. In ...

Creating Secure Passwords with Two Pieces of Paper
By: ProgrammerE
November 9, 2016

This is a simple method to produce a completely secure password without having to memorize it: Open Excel. Copy this formula into cell A1 - T20: "=IF(ROUND(RAND(),0)=0,CHAR(RANDBETWEEN(65, 90)),CHAR(RANDBETWEEN(97, 122)))" (Without the quotes) This puts either a lower case or upper case letter in the cell, allowing for 26 2 = 52 different possible ...

10 Linux Distributions for Cyber Security Professionals
By: toxicptr
November 8, 2016

This is a list of Linux security distributions designed for hackers, pentesters, malware analyzers, reverse engineers, and other cyber security professionals. Kali Linux Kali Linux is a Debian-based Linux distribution designed for digital forensics and penetration testing. It is one of the most popular Linux security distributions. It's easy to update and ...

Using *Juliar* to Fool Webcam Hackers
By: Rattar
November 8, 2016

Hey, guys!Do you know that there are sites that allow you to take over a computer by remote control and even access the camera?You know this is disturbing behavior! Someone is looking at everything you do on your computer and on top of that he's watching you through the webcam while you're watching the screen.With the new Juliar ...

Hacking with Arduino: Build Your Own USB Payload
By: markpepapa
November 8, 2016

Arduino is an open-source project that created micro-controller based kits for building digital devices and interactive objects that can sense and control physical devices.Arduino boards are available commercially in preassembled form, or as do-it-yourself kits. Some of them are really small and have a built-in USB connector which makes sketch upload easier.Some of you may be thinking, how can ...

How to Copy Data with Rsync Via SSH
By: faildriller
November 8, 2016

I think rsync is a great tool for copying data and I would like to share some of the commands I use most frequently.Some of the information presented in this guide was copied directly from the rsync man pages.   Copying Data on a Local Machine: rsync -avHP /source/path/ /destination/path/  Flags ...

AI and Automating Incident Response
By: rcubed
November 8, 2016

Artificial Intelligence and Automating Incident Response Updated August 2018 Managing the sheer number of alerts that get raised by incident response systems on a monthly basis has reached the point of overwhelm in many organizations. For the most part, it’s reached the point where InfoSec professionals have been forced to dial back the ...

Biometric Verification as Identity Theft Protection-2
By: Immanuel V
November 8, 2016

My previous article on biometric verification raised an interesting concern with my readers: can 3D printing be used to copy fingerprints, creating an exploitable vulnerability?Here is the answer to that question:Fingerprints aren't the only means of biometric verification.There are several factors that can be used biometrically: Fingerprints Iris/Retina Scan Face ...

Why do Most Programmers Prefer Linux Instead of Windows or OSX?
By: MrTaharAmine
November 8, 2016

As a developer who uses Windows, OSX, and Linux, this is why I think so.   Why Do I Develop Using Linux? When I am working on LAMP servers, I like to have as much of a local testing environment as I can. I can have all the same software and even different versions of the software running ...

Using Python to Automate Network Information Gathering
By: beller0ph0n
November 7, 2016

In the last article titled " Networker’s View of Windows CMD ," we learned about useful CMD commands which can help us troubleshoot/manage networking configuration of our computer. In this article, we'll see how to use Python script to automate the execution of these commands. As some of you may already know Python is extremely powerful ...