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IDN Homograph Attack – Exploitation in Phishing
By: Jawady Muhammad Habib
July 7, 2017

Hello! Welcome to the first post! I am Muhammad Habib and this post will be about internationalized domain name or IDN Homograph attack. We will be attacking a browser supporting IDNA to perform a phishing attack. First things first: What are homographs? Here’s a simple example ... for the coders here. There’s a prank in which you ...

Response & Action | The Post WannaCry Ransomware Attack Report
By: pu239
July 6, 2017

What happened? The WannaCry strain of encryption-based ransomware, also known as Wanna Decryptor, WCRY, or WannaCrypt, began spreading through Europe to Windows-based computers on May 12, 2017, and holding victims’ data hostage for ransom. As the day progressed, many large firms in Spain, Britain, Russia, China, and Portugal were forced to shut ...

How to Install and Configure GNS3 VM
By: Parvez Ahmed
July 6, 2017

The blog is for the new GNS3 VM (Virtual Machine) users on Windows 7/8/10. What is gns3? It’s a graphical network simulator that allows you to design complex network topologies, where you can run different devices (irrespective of vendors) like cisco, juniper, chCheckpointFortinet, PFSense etc. New features: Gns3 ...

My BSidesTLV Talk - Magda Chelly
By: Responsible Cyber
July 6, 2017

BSidesTLV 2017 was a unique place with a very special atmosphere. Friendly, and vibrant it invites to observe and admire the shared knowledge. Exciting, spectacular, surprising, fascinating- impressions that were left to any visitor or speaker. Security BSides is a hacker convention that runs guidelines to a ...

PST Compress File Tool
By: jamessnow
July 5, 2017

PST Compress Tool is a one-stop solution to compress large PST files in a couple of seconds. This PST compression tool has got an extraordinary ability to compress PST files by removing big attachments and storing the compressed PST files. This PST Compact Tool Flawlessly reduces PST file size by removing irrelevant PST items. This full-featured PST Compact Tool is ...

Create Simple Terminal Scripts with Juliar.Future sysExec
By: Rattar
July 4, 2017

Hello all,I haven't posted an Op3n in a while. I've been very busy. In this tutorial, we will learn the power of a new Juliar command:  " sysExec() " sysExec() allows you to execute Command Prompt and Terminal commands right inside of Juliar. You might be thinking why would you want to use Juliar to create scripts ...

Best Tools for Business Owners
By: Aaron Miles
July 3, 2017

I'll get straight to the point. As a business owner, I've learned some lessons over the years and want to share my experience in a quick way.Any business owner, regardless of the level of operation, should employ a white hat to secure/test all of their systems - the U.S. government (and presumably other country governments) does this to test ...

Your Complete Guide to JavaScript
By: Olivia
July 3, 2017

JavaScript is the most commonly used programming language on a global scale. Even Back-End developers are more likely to use it than any other language. A survey from Stack Overflow revealed that 90.5% of developers know JavaScript.What makes these development skills so valuable? For starters, front-end developers make an average of $75,563 in the US, according to Glassdoor ...

All You Need to Know about WannaCry Ransomware
By: Apurv Singh Gautam
July 3, 2017

Shadow Brokers is a hacker group which has leaked several NSA hacking tools and scripts to the public. Firstly when they got hands on NSA tools they tried to auction it in the black market ranging from 2 to 200 Bitcoins, but the auction failed and they leaked all the dump in public on Github. ...

Women in Tech: Girl Scouts to Provide Cyber Security Badges
By: Olivia
July 2, 2017

You may not be surprised to know that women only make up 11% of cybersecurity workers globally, according to an ISC2 report. This staggering underrepresentation is reflective across all STEM careers, a fact that is only adding to the skills gap in the technology industry.Many women who are in the field, such as Magda CHELLY , Cybrary SME, Cyber Feminist ...