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Bypass Anti-Virus with Shell Code Injection (Part 1)
By: S-Connect
April 6, 2017

List of crafted instructions, executed once the code is injected into the application specifically running applications are called Shell Code. This is possibly done with the popular way via a Stack Buffer overflow & Heap-based Buffer overflow . It’s about referring to start command shell through the customized written code. ...

‘Silver Hats’ Off to Chris Greco and Cybrary’s First User- Generated Course
By: Olivia
April 5, 2017

I think it’s safe for me to assume that anyone who’s the least bit familiar with cyber security has heard of Black Hat and White Hat hackers, and even those in between, the Gray Hats. I’d like to expand your cyber lexicon further and introduce you to the newest category: Silver Hats. A "Silver Hat" is a ...

By: bachan
April 5, 2017

Hello Cybrarians,Chinese fraudsters are using fake cellphone towers to spread android banking trojans. They are using the SMiShing attack for this type of fraud.  Here is where a new word came into existence is SMiShing.SMiShing (aka SMS Phishing) is defined as a phishing attack sent via SMS. In this type of security attack, fraudsters trick users into downloading a trojan horse, virus, worm, ...

Think Outside the Server: Copiers and Medical Equipment May be at Risk
By: Lawrence King
April 5, 2017

In my experience working in IT, I have seen many organizations who leave peripheral devices on the network with internet access and they leave the passwords at the default settings. The servers and workstations are secured. Network switches, wireless access points, and routers are locked down as well. For some reason, people do not see printers, scanners, and copiers ...

Anonymously Scan a Remote Website Using Nmap
By: binel
April 4, 2017

4 SIMPLE STEPS TO ANONYMOUSLY SCAN A REMOTE WEBSITE USING NMAP Here are the materials required to successfully follow this tutorial: A laptop with an access to the internet A remote website that you own or that you have ...

Hacking the Hacker
By: systemrestore
April 4, 2017

This story begins in the fall of my first-year cyber security class. We were put into groups during our "cyber spookhouse" the point of the activity was to show and inform our fellow students, from different industrial fields, to coerce them into hardening their security. I was placed into the MITM group with four others and we decided to ...

Don’t be Nervous Your New Co-Worker Could be a Robot
By: Olivia
April 3, 2017

In the past, I’ve written with a mixture of excitement and hesitation on the topic of Artificial Intelligence (AI). AI is defined as: the theory and development of computer systems able to perform tasks that normally require human intelligence, such as visual perception, speech recognition, decision-making, and translation between languages.My post ‘A Buzzword to Rattle your Brain’ explored ...

[Part 2]$~Metasploit for Beginners
By: spiritedwolf
April 3, 2017

Metasploit for beginners So, hello friends. This is my 2nd post on Metasploit for beginners if you haven't checked the previous post then it is here. https://www.cybrary.it/0p3n/part-1metasploit-beginners/ So, today we will discuss " Metasploit ...

A Penetration Testing Checklist For Linux Machine – Intrusion Discovery
By: gurubaran
April 3, 2017

Since we already discussed  A Penetration Testing Cheat Sheet For Windows Machine – Intrusion Detection , here we will see the most important Linux machine pen testing checklist on an occasional premise (day by day, week by week, or each time you log on to a framework you oversee) gone through these anomalous behaviours  to search ...

Escaping Linux CHROOT Jail
By: chiheb chebbi
April 1, 2017

Introduction Isolation is a security approach provided by many computer systems. It is based on splitting the system into smaller independent pieces to make sure that a compromised sub-system cannot affect the entire entity. This approach is present in every modern operating system (e.g User accounts, process address spaces etc..). Chroot Jail is a way to separate a ...