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Hacking Android Phones
By: Priyank Gada
April 8, 2017

Did you ever think of hacking into anyone's phone and getting all the data like they do in the movies? Well, that's not actually hacking but it's called spying. Spying is a term in hacking but not considered as hacking. A hacker can remotely install Spyware to spy on others. Ever wonder what would happen if a hacker gained physical access to ...

By: H5p
April 7, 2017

[/{REGEX} + /{PYTHON}] Regex or regular expressions can be used to identify a particular pattern in a large dump of data. This comes handy when there is a requirement to extract/identify a particular pattern of data from a heap of data. USAGE: Log files contain a ...

UNM4SK3D: CIA, Dark Web, and China
By: Olivia
April 7, 2017

#wikileaks (they just keep coming). You know that feeling you get when your favorite artist continues dropping singles but doesn't release an album? The same can be felt for Wikileaks, but instead of anticipation, their releases cause anxiety. The latest series of documents from the Vault7 project was released on March 31st.  These documents detail ...

Steps Before Your Physical Social Engineering PenTest
By: ChrisTCPD
April 7, 2017

The time has come to test your physical security via social engineering.  The budget did not support hiring a professional firm or consultant so it comes down to testing yourself.  Here are a few first steps to get you ready. Get Out Of Jail Free Letter First and foremost, ...

Exploring The Dark Web: Don’t Venture In Alone
By: rcubed
April 6, 2017

Cyber Threat Intelligence is a complex topic consisting of a lot of moving parts. It requires a high degree of technical knowledge combined with a healthy dose of paranoia. Staying ahead of the bad guys or simply keeping up with them is a 24/7 job. Threat intel is gathered from a multitude of sources and one place that’s being ...

5 Entry-Level IT Jobs to Kick-start Your Tech Career
By: jrinehard
April 6, 2017

There are plenty of great entry-level career options that will put you on the right path for a lucrative career in the IT field, but starting a new career, especially in the IT industry can seem a bit confusing at first. What position is right for you, what certifications do you need and what can you ...

Bypass Anti-Virus with Shell Code Injection (Part 1)
By: S-Connect
April 6, 2017

List of crafted instructions, executed once the code is injected into the application specifically running applications are called Shell Code. This is possibly done with the popular way via a Stack Buffer overflow & Heap-based Buffer overflow . It’s about referring to start command shell through the customized written code. ...

‘Silver Hats’ Off to Chris Greco and Cybrary’s First User- Generated Course
By: Olivia
April 5, 2017

I think it’s safe for me to assume that anyone who’s the least bit familiar with cyber security has heard of Black Hat and White Hat hackers, and even those in between, the Gray Hats. I’d like to expand your cyber lexicon further and introduce you to the newest category: Silver Hats. A "Silver Hat" is a ...

By: bachan
April 5, 2017

Hello Cybrarians,Chinese fraudsters are using fake cellphone towers to spread android banking trojans. They are using the SMiShing attack for this type of fraud.  Here is where a new word came into existence is SMiShing.SMiShing (aka SMS Phishing) is defined as a phishing attack sent via SMS. In this type of security attack, fraudsters trick users into downloading a trojan horse, virus, worm, ...

Think Outside the Server: Copiers and Medical Equipment May be at Risk
By: Lawrence King
April 5, 2017

In my experience working in IT, I have seen many organizations who leave peripheral devices on the network with internet access and they leave the passwords at the default settings. The servers and workstations are secured. Network switches, wireless access points, and routers are locked down as well. For some reason, people do not see printers, scanners, and copiers ...