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Top 5 IT Job Trends: Skills & Certifications
By: jrinehard
August 8, 2017

Today, end users have different expectations of their IT departments than they previously did. Large developments in networking capacity, media streaming, data processing, and the Internet, in general, have accounted for very different preferences. These trends will most likely continue and IT administrators should prepare by having a well-rounded IT team. This is becoming the norm regardless ...

Capture the Flags: What They Mean for Security
By: Olivia
August 7, 2017

Capture the flags are just one form of valuable cyber security training that inspire productive competition and serve as an educational exercise for participants. In a security CTF, the contestants may be tasked with securing a machine, conducting or reacting to attacks, similar to those found in the real-world.The first CTF was developed ...

Oracle: OCAJP 6 and OCPJP 6
By: Olivia
August 7, 2017

I’ve noticed a debate waging across Internet forums regarding the Oracle 1Z0-850: Certified Associate Exam (OCAJP 6) and the Oracle 1Z0-851 Certified Professional Exam (OCPJP 6). Some of the questions raised include ‘What is the different between these two certifications?’ ‘Which is best for me?’ and ‘What is the value of a Java-related ...

Secure Web Panel From SQL Injection
By: Zubair Ansari
August 5, 2017

Hello, everyone, it's Zubair Ansari from Pak Cyber kullz. As you might know, "How to hack a website by bypassing the admin page" is a commonly searched sentence in Google. There are a lot of methods on how to bypass admin pages, but I will not discuss them now. I want to provide just security now. I have a method to secure admin ...

Quick and Easy Google Hacking
By: island3r
August 5, 2017

It sounds illegal and can be, but if used the right way, it can give you more accurate search results. That means fewer results to go through before finding what you are actually looking for. It’s time to get your Google-Fu on (or learn to use Google correctly if you’re not a geek!). Google provides ‘operators’ which ...

Broken Authentication and Session Management – Part2
By: Hari Charan
August 4, 2017

From the previous article, we know what exactly a  Session  is. In this article, we will learn about  Session Fixation . For a better illustration, I have created a simple application built on  ASP.NET . You can download the project from my Github,  here . This project has two folders  ‘SecureLoginFunc’  & ‘ InsecureLogin ‘ ...

UNM4SK3D: CIA, HBO, and FireEye
By: Olivia
August 4, 2017

#wikileaks  Just when you thought there wouldn't be any more leaks, Wikileaks dripped again. The latest leak, which sounds like something out of a Hollywood movie, is a tool that disables security cameras and disrupts recordings to prevent its agents from being seen.  No, this isn't the latest James Bond film and despite ...

Backup File Recovery Tool for Windows
By: virat8586
August 4, 2017

Having a backup is a savior for many users when facing Windows corruption. We as users should always keep a backup of our files in the event of corruption or any other kind of data loss, we can restore our data from one of our backups. The whole idea of creating a backup is to restore data during ...

Essential Features of the Right Mobile Banking Apps
By: Alex Wilson
August 3, 2017

Mobile banking apps have become a major need for organizations seeking financial applications development services. For most banks, the biggest concern is how they can offer customers mobile banking services that exceed the customers’ needs and expectations.Mobile apps have also increased competition among banks and each is looking for ways to gain that competitive edge using their mobile banking ...

Repairing a SQL Database
By: lucasdawson1984
August 3, 2017

Database corruption in SQL server can be very frustrating, as a single server is used by multiple users. When SQL database gets corrupt, it affects all the users and leads to unprofitability and under productivity. SQL Database is used by many clients like  Oracle, Sybase, Microsoft SQL Server, Access, Ingres, etc. Since it is used by a vast ...