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Creating a Windows EXE FUD Reverse Shell in Python
By: Orion
December 25, 2017

What Is A Shell A shell is acts as an interface between the user and Operating system. You can use a shell to do many things such as view files, launch applications,  check network configurations, etc. Some examples would be Powershell in Windows and the Terminal in Linux. Reverse vs Bind Shells ...

TCP/IP Model
By: D3f3nd3r
December 24, 2017

The TCP/IP model, more commonly known as the Internet protocol suite, is another layering model that is simpler and has been widely adopted. It defines the four separate layers, some of which overlap with the OSI model: ·          Application : In ...

The Rules for Data Protection are Changing: Are you Ready for GDPR ?
By: Jide Olagundoye
December 23, 2017

Modern IT has created an electronic world to meet a variety of needs from simply providing information, to wide ranging and far reaching products and services. They are all available on the web. The individual communication and consumption has created a footprint of information and transaction history which is commercially useful. ...

OSI Model
By: D3f3nd3r
December 23, 2017

Historically, one method of talking about the different layers of network communication is the OSI model. OSI stands for Open Systems Interconnect. This model defines seven separate layers. The layers in this model are: ·          Application : The ...

UNM4SK3D: Kaspersky, Experian, and CTB-Locker
By: Olivia
December 22, 2017

#accusations Due process. That's what Kaspersky is saying they were denied of after the Trump administration banned the use of its products in government networks. Now, they're asking a U.S. federal court to overturn this ruling.  How did this all start? Well, back in October of this year, an article from the New York Times ...

Network Terminologies
By: D3f3nd3r
December 22, 2017

Connection : In networking, a connection refers to pieces of related information that are transferred through a network. This generally infers that a connection is built before the data transfer (by following the procedures laid out in a protocol) and then is deconstructed at the end of the data transfer. ...

By: Vikrant Saran
December 22, 2017

KNOW THE IMPORTANCE OF CLOUD COMPUTING IN IT SECTOR: Cloud computing is a global reality today. Cloud Computing Being in the clouds has become the destination for existence in the Internet world. The traditional way of IT environment involves ...

Corporate Politics vs. Corporate Security: A Conflict of Interest
By: Brian Scott Luke, MBA
December 21, 2017

When new employers are orientated, trained and onboarded there are many different types of issues brought to the attention of the new member of your occupational family. An individual may feel that they are part of a new community, may be receiving a high wage rate and may have a high degree of pride.It is important to ...

To Mouse or not to Mouse: That is the Question, Part 1
By: Ka0sDem0n
December 21, 2017

Click-click, click… click… click… click…. The sound most mice make “click”. In this article, I would like to show you how in Windows to minimize the number of mouse clicks using your keyboard. Many users don’t know how to navigate with just a keyboard. This article will focus on the ...

Knowledge Is Power: Your Journey On Cybrary
By: ginasilvertree
December 20, 2017

You may have heard the expression, "Knowledge is power" and, if not, you've heard it now!People around the world come to Cybrary for IT/cybersecurity training and tools that help them gain knowledge and ultimately, power - power they apply and leverage to change their lives and circumstances. And with more than 1.4 million users, Cybrarians' lives and circumstances are ...