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Virus Video_6447.zip Or Digmine Cryptocurrency Miner
By: Zubair Ansari
January 1, 2018

Attention: Someone could be misusing your computer as a source of power to make money! If anyone trusted a friend of yours from Facebook and they sent you a video file (with a zipped archive) to you on messenger just don’t click on it. Because anyone can mine cryptocurrency by using your one click. But there is ...

The Mac Mail to PST File Application
By: alessaadam
January 1, 2018

In proceedings you testament admittance EML to Outlook 2010 by using chivvy unfixed redemption answer of EML to Outlook Converter. The software is the end solution to designate EML to Outlook 2010 with email properties, attachments, folder toy, etc from Windows Post, Windows Active email, OE mail, Thunderbird Post, etc. Without any vex you module pose our software  ...

15 Facts You (Probably) Didn’t Know About the Birth of the Internet
By: joekobersy
December 30, 2017

The Internet has greatly become an axiom in our daily lives, but that wasn't the case some 25 years ago when we lived without the Internet. It would be interesting to glimpse a quick look at the birth of the whole-nine-yards of World Wide Web, which all invented by a British Knight! Sir Tim ...

What is DNS over TLS (RFC-7858)?
By: Sean Mancini
December 29, 2017

There is a new security mechanism coming to DNS  which is called DNS over TLS the current DNS infrastructure uses UDP traffic that is sent in clear text which means it can be read by anyone who is sniffing traffic  Also for some it provides that extra privacy The current DNS implementations use UDP port 53  to accept connections from ...

UNM4SK3D: Facebook, Huawei, and Nissan
By: Olivia
December 29, 2017

#cryptocurrency  Sure, everyone loves a funny cat video, but if you receive a video file ( packed in zip archive ) sent by someone through Facebook messenger, think twice before opening it. That video may just be a cryptocurrency mining bot.  Discovered by researchers from security firm Trend Micro, this new bot is spreading through Facebook ...

GDPR Made Simple
By: Christopher Bainbridge
December 28, 2017

Anyone who is not involved in the world of Information Security could be forgiven for not having heard about GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) but if you are in this field you are more likely to have heard about it and wondered how it will affect practices in your role and across the business.I will attempt to ...

SaaS ( Software as a Service ) Benefits & Security Implications
By: Christopher Bainbridge
December 27, 2017

SaaS ( Software as a Service ) Benefits & Security Implications As use software-as-a-service grows, more and more small to medium businesses that utilise SaaS in order to remain agile and keep down hardware and maintenance costs, so do their concerns about SaaS security. So what are the benefits of ...

Digital Forensics Books Catalogue
By: Divya Lakshmanan
December 27, 2017

This article is your personal catalogue to apprise you about the standard books out there in the various branches of digital forensics. If formal education is not your forte - all you need is passion, time and the right resources to get the skills you desire. Dive into the books, get your hands dirty with ...

Installing Splunk Standalone and Agents on Ubuntu
By: Klimdy
December 26, 2017

Installing Splunk standalone and agents on Ubuntu It's my little guide to how to use Splunk , maybe I write more about Apps, configuration Splunk and another theme if you want it)))Before installing Splunk Enterprise, you need to download it, the easiest way is to do it "directly" on the server itself: ...

Who is Suitable for an ITIL certification course?
By: priyajatoliya
December 26, 2017

Information Technology Infrastructure Library, popularly known as ITIL, is a popular framework for the management of IT services all over the world. Increasing number of global IT companies has now adopted this framework to make sure that the services they offer are in line with the well-defined and consistent set of processes which include best practices. ...