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WannaCrack! A Mix of Digital Forensics + Python Cracking
By: jumb01
June 14, 2017

~$ whoami I am Aslam Admani, and this is an interactive article that's most beneficial if you can practically follow along. ~$ SettingTheScene You are a digital forensic analyst. Your boss has given you a USB flash drive which was recovered from a suspect's home. He is suspected to be a fraud who is involved in credit card scams.Inside ...

How to Pass: Network+ Practice Test
By: Olivia
June 13, 2017

We've heard disappointment time and again at those who come to a certification exam feeling fully prepared, only to find out they've failed. Of those individuals, it seems a large number come to the exam with plenty of experience and assume they can get by on that alone. And while experience can certainly help, it's ...

Increase Your Demand: Top 5 Reasons to Get CCNA Certified
By: jrinehard
June 12, 2017

There are very few industries in the world that have seen the kind of growth   that we   find in IT, and it continues to grow at an   extraordinary rate. If you're currently in the IT field or thinking about making a move, you'll find an extremely rewarding career and a lucrative salary. You’ll also find that the ...

How to Pass: CISSP Practice Exam
By: Olivia
June 12, 2017

Taking a certification exam of any kind is a commitment, requiring both time and money, neither of which you want to waste. For those serious about taking the CISSP exam, you’ll want to ensure you pass on the first try. This post will offer guidance and reviews, as well as a tool to help you be successful in earning ...

Why Threat Prevention on IoT Devices is Almost too Hard...
By: Masood
June 12, 2017

  The Mirai botnet was responsible for the October 2016 attack that brought down much of our internet. The victim was Dyn, a company that provides DNS service. Distributed Denial of Service (DDOS) caused the outage, and up to 100,000 malicious endpoints were used for the attack. The malicious “endpoints” were IoT devices – digital cameras and ...

Zip Repair: Recover Corrupted & Damaged Compressed Files
By: william1234Jack
June 12, 2017

Many products are available in the online marketing arena, which claims to repair and recover corrupted zip files. But, one necessary product is the best zip recovery software - used to retrieve lost data from a compressed file. Here, we will work for users to provide an error-free ZIP Repair tool to recover corrupted, inaccessible, ...

How To Pass: Security+ Practice Test
By: Olivia
June 10, 2017

Across the site, there is plenty of discussion happening around what study tools users utilized in order to help them prepare for and pass an exam. Typically, Cybrarians use a variety of resources to ensure they’ve covered all material and experienced a variety of question types. We’d like to offer another resource to add to ...

Making Cyber Security a Priority for Nonprofits with SIEM
By: Olivia
June 10, 2017

Of course, cyber security is important for all organizations, but sometimes, best practices are easier to implement for some companies than others, especially nonprofits. Operating with typically a smaller budget and a smaller staff, the costs and manpower needed to implement a strong data protection program can put a strain on a nonprofit, leaving the company open to vulnerabilities.Still, ...

Quick Tutorial: NetApp and SMB2
By: JBingham
June 10, 2017

Due to the recent malware issues that have plagued the Internet, our organization made the decision to upgrade the current version of the protocol Server Message Block (SMB) to version 2.  This caused an authentication issue between the users and the filers in which the data is stored. Before I explain the fix, let’s discuss what ...

UNM4SK3D: NSA, Bitcoin, and Supreme Court
By: Olivia
June 9, 2017

#classified NSA Contractor, Reality Winner (yes, that is her real name) was arrested on June 3rd for leaking classified information to an online news outlet, The Intercept. This document alleged that the Russian General Main Staff Intelligence Directorate (GRU), had attempted to break into a company that sells voting registration equipment prior ...