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UNM4SK3D: Deloitte, Cardiac Scan, and SVR Tracking
By: Olivia
September 29, 2017

#hacked Someone (or many groups of someones) has it out for US businesses. Another week and another breach in big business for the country. It was announced that 'Big Four' firm Deloitte is the latest to fall victim.  You may know Deloitte as one of the largest private accounting firms in the U.S. which ...

Earn Your Cybersecurity Certifications Faster
By: ginasilvertree
September 28, 2017

Truth: we all want to achieve our goals quickly and effectively! If you're working, striving to earn your cybersecurity certs and want to have a life, you might need a little support in accomplishing your certification goals with greater speed. Here's some good news: the Cybrary platform and community not only supports your cybersecurity training needs, they can also help ...

APK Downloader for Your PC
By: shahpar
September 28, 2017

Have you ever wanted to get your hands on the latest game, only to find that the Google Play thought it wasn't compatible with your phone? I know, it's a real bummer. Maybe you don't have a Snapdragon device, but you're pretty sure an old device could still handle it. What if the app is not available in your ...

Failing to Measure Cybersecurity Effectiveness?
By: Samantha Voss
September 28, 2017

Are you failing to measure cybersecurity effectiveness? Well, now you can find out with the State of Cyber Security Metrics Annual Report 2017 .  Exploring the shameful state of cybersecurity metrics, failures in planning and performance, the lack of resources cited as a major hurdle and how small business are especially vulnerable; This report provides ...

Tutorial: BeEF and Armitage/Cobaltstrike Integration - Part 02
By: ben
September 27, 2017

By  @theBenygreen In information security, when we talk about external attacks, you will realize that the browsers are generally called in contribution. It’s simple: browsers are a good entry door and  even with no 0day exploits on hand, you can even get a shell . For a pentester, it is a good skill to know how to ...

Tutorial: BeEF and Armitage/Cobaltstrike Integration - Part 01
By: ben
September 26, 2017

Hi, everybody. I'm @thebenygreen, and I will introduce you to one of my codes, Beefstrike.BeefStrike is a Cortana script for BeEF integration inside the Armitage ( a Metasploit GUI) . The result is the ability to use client-side exploits like remote exploits and automate BeEF command execution after hooking. One of the great power of Armitage is his ability ...

The Average Salary of a Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH)
By: jrinehard
September 26, 2017

What is a  certified ethical hacker , and how much does he/she earn?As the term implies, a Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH) is an individual who companies hire to inspect the security of their online systems by attempting to hack into them.These ethical hackers, who are occasionally called “ penetration testers ,” identify flaws in the system that an unethical ...

A "Noob's" Guide to Ransomware
By: Likhitesh
September 23, 2017

4 Noob’s guide to ransomware DISCLAIMER: For educational and informative purposes only. The author bears no responsibility for any form of usage of the knowledge presented in here. Every one of us has been a victim of at least one computer malware infection at some point in our lives. ...

Dark Network Guide!
By: ajatshatru
September 22, 2017

TOR Browser / Tails OS Setup Virtual Machine, install Linux OS (fully updated and patched) Configure VPN software for hiding your location on your host OS (disable geolocation, clear all log, change your OS default language to some other country) Configure proxy switcher for your tor browser on VM (Linux) ...

UNM4SK3D: SEC, APT33, and CCleaner
By: Olivia
September 22, 2017

#hacked  It seems that word of new breaches have been released almost daily as of late. The latest, coming on the back on the devastating Equifax breach, is news that the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) was hacked last year. Gulp. The SEC is the top U.S. market's regulator. Their official website states, "The mission ...